My January Favourites

That’s a type of post I haven’t actually done before and I’m a bit apprehensive about writing this. I feel like maybe I use the same products all the time and there wouldn’t be any variety, if for example I decided that I wanted to make this a monthly thing. But then I remembered that this doesn’t have to be about beauty and skincare at all. So prepared to see my favourite leaves and lunch bags, among other things.

To begin with, I wanted to keep it really simple though. So I grabbed the stuff from my bathroom that I absolutely loved throughout January.

1. My number one finds in the beginning of the year were Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo & Conditioner. Something funny was going on with my hair and all the sudden my old shampoo & conditioner which were luckily just about to run out, didn’t agree with my scalp at all anymore. This made me very upset (I almost told you what happened but let’s just leave it at ‘it caused a horrid allergic reaction’. Don’t want to give you all nightmares about it.) Anyway, then I got a sample of the Palmer’s Coconut Oil shampoo and I absolutely loved it, so I went and bought the set. The shampoo smells amazingly of coconut and even though the conditioner doesn’t smell quite as nice, it still leaves my hair really soft and easily manageable (and so far no allergic reactions either). Love it!

2. It’s maybe a bit random, but it’s just something I’m really excited about. Weirdly. I think it’s a bit odd to be excited about this. Anyway – Dove Invisible Dry Roll on. Seriously, ever since I tried Dove roll ons, I’ve not bought any others. It just works so much better for me than (almost) any others I’ve ever tried. I absolutely loooooove all the different scents and they’re not sticky at all and don’t ruin my clothes either. Just the best.

3. Essence Light Up Your Face has been my go to highlighter ever since I got it in one of my beauty boxes, however since I started to use makeup more in January (I decided that since I now have so much of it, I best get using it, too!), it’s got a well deserved place on this little list. It’s a beautiful buildable shimmer, suitable for day or night. Easy to apply, too. And affordable. What more could one want?

4. I don’t think this one would come as a surprise to anyone who’s read any of my blog posts about mascaras. Too Faced Better Than Sex remained a firm favourite of mine throughout the beginning of the year. I’m not going to sing any more praises to it than I already have done, you all know how much I love it and if you don’t know it yet, well I’m sure I’ll be writing about it again soon enough.

5. Benefit Gimme Brow is a little brow tool that’s just SO easy to use that even I could do it. I think it was the first bit of brow kit that I got that wasn’t a pencil. So previously I’d only worked with brow pencils and found them somewhat difficult to get right. This however was an eyeopener. I never knew there were so many options for my eyebrows! But yeah, even though I’ve loved it for a long time now, it was still my top brow thing in January. Haha, brow thing. That’s weird. Can’t believe I’m writing about eyebrows. This is just bizarre.

6. Maybe a bit unexpectedly my Marcelle Eyeliner in Mulberry made a roaring comeback into my makeup bag. I got it from my very first beauty box and wasn’t really THAT big of a fan, but all of the sudden I realised how perfectly it suits my eye colour. So then I used it all the time in January. It’s very easy to apply as it just effortlessly glides on and it doesn’t smudge or do anything else weird either.

7. Last but not least is my Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy which again I want to say that is no effort to apply but I think that’d just make me sound really lazy. But I do like my makeup to be as little effort as possible. I want to enjoy it. And I’m not very good at it still so anything that can make my life easier is very welcome. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that it was my go to lip thing in the beginning of the year. Love it. Really love the colour as it’s so flattering. And it makes my lips really soft.

Right, these were my seven January favourites. There was a lot more I’d have liked to include, but I thought that’s a good starting point to see if it’s something that I’d want to share with you guys. Turns out that it is. I loved letting you know what I loved. Do I use the word ‘love’ way too much? I think I need to get my thesaurus out. Or maybe I’ll just write from the bottom of my full-sized aortic pump.


(Chandler knows me too well.)


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