My life

I’m more optimistic than I thought

I’m not sure how I’ve mustered the energy to actually write anything at all at the moment. But here I am. Just as surprised as you are, if you look at the title. I’ve always tried to keep my glass half full, but at times when the hardships have been piling up, they’ve become too much to handle and it’s been easier to succumb and wallow in my misery.

Apparently not today though. I’m at yet another hotel. One that I stayed at a few weeks ago in fact. The last time I stayed here, everything in the room was broken and borderline life threatening (when the hair dryer goes out with an electric bang, you know there are some issues there). I thought I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and see what their other rooms are like. The answer is – broken.

At other times this would’ve possibly gotten me down and annoyed. This time however I actually feel happy because so far I’ve only discovered one thing that doesn’t work – the sink doesn’t drain, so I have half a sink full of soapy hand wash water. Could be worse!

Also, The Terminator is on TV. It’s been a forever and a half since I last saw it. So that’s pretty cool. Plus I really need to get to sleep anyway.

Oh, almost forgot – I finished everything off my weekly to do list! So proud.

Raaaaaawr. I’ll be back.



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