My life

When lost for words…

… Go find them.

I’m looking for my something-to-say. Have you seen it? It’s medium length, witty and punctual. Well, if found, please let me know as I’m desperate to cross paths again.

I went to Estonia to visit my family again this week. It was marvellous. I had really great quality family time, plus I had my first wedding dress fitting. It needs to be made shorter and the neckline needs some changing as well, but that’s about it. A couple of cosmetic adjustments too and poof it’ll be done. One less thing to worry about. Not that I worry tooooooo much about any of the wedding stuff. I’m trying to make it my mission not to stress about anything. True, I’ve already failed miserably a few times – usually when something fails to go my way – but overall it’s all good.

When in Estonia, I managed to catch a really bad cold. I’d forgotten what it feels like to be ill and I’m telling you, it’s not pleasant. My ears were hurting so bad on the flight back I almost cried like the little girl I am. Half a tonne of all kinds of meds in me and I’m feeling a lot better though. Mind you, I’m not just moaning about being ill – I’m actually pondering about how is it possible that I’m almost never ill in the UK? I used to be poorly all the time in Estonia but now there’s hardly ever anything wrong with me. It’s amazing.

Also, just so you know, the weather has been absolutely amazing since I’ve been back. Today we (me and my Significant Otter) spent quite a lot of time in our garden, trying to get it to resemble something that Responsible Home Owning Adults would have. Well… We’ll get there. Someday. I’m sure. And when we do I’d be happy to invite you all round for BBQ and cocktails and other Garden Things that people do. Picnics. Summer parties. Yeah… It’ll be awesome.

Anyway, I’ll get back to my evening with my GoodFood magazine that arrived today. And my diffuser. I do like diffusers. Especially with a cold. The essential oils work wonders.


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