My life

Back to childhood

… Or you know. Trampolines. Maybe that’d be a bit less dramatic as a title. But that’d also give away what I want to write about. Like, straight away. And then there’d be no mystery left. Does there need to be mystery when it comes to trampolines? I mean, they’re pretty mysterious as is, I think. Ok, here goes. I have a declaration to make.

I don’t know how trampolines work.

I’m pretty sure there are some springs and then a bit of fairy dust and magic but as for the technicalities, I’ve got no idea. Anyway, I’ve gone quite a bit off track.

Yesterday I went trampolining. Is that a word? Well, it is now as I’ve written it down. But yes, I went trampolining and it was so much fun. It wasn’t just your any old casual hopping about either. It was Bounce Fit. Which I thought would be just some casual and fun hopping about, but in just a bit more structured way. Well, I was wrong.

Turns out Bounce Fit is like Insanity, but a lot more… well, bouncier. Hoppier. Twirlier. To sum up – it was just awesome. I couldn’t stop giggling even when I was dripping with sweat and full on purple in the face (that was from like 5 minutes in until the end by the way).

I went with my Sister-In-Law-To-Be and a short way into it we were both completely out of breath and dying a little (in my case not the least from the shame about all the pizzas I’ve eaten recently). It felt amazing though. Thoroughly pleased.

It also brought back some great memories from when I was a bit younger and could actually spend a lot of time on a trampoline doing flips and all sorts of tricks without even getting out of breath. We’ll see if I can get back to that. Maybe not doing all the flips and stuff, but just being able to jump for a bit without feeling like I’m going to pass out would be great, too!

We’ll be going again next week so I shall report back then. Will I still love it as much and is this something that I’m going to be doing every week? Hmm, at the moment I’d say I could definitely see this as a long term thing. Anyway, I shall not get ahead of myself. I’ve been once. I’ll give it a couple more goes before committing fully. Although I do already have a pair of the special socks. That’s like… the whole equipment that I need for it. Wow. I’ve just started out with a new workout and I already have the full kit. That’s pretty motivating, I think.

Anyway… I just realised I say ‘anyway’ a lot. I should probably try and control myself. Hmm. Oh, the featured image on this post is a photo I took out of the plane window when I was last coming back from Estonia. It’s not really relevant to this post, but I liked the picture.


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