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Rice Krispies Easter Eggs

As Easter’s only around the corner now I’d love to share one of my little Easter treats recipe with you lovely people. I don’t actually really celebrate it myself, it’s more just about the cute bunnies, decorating eggs and having egg tapping contests. Eggs. What a weird word.

Anyway, for some reason I have a couple of massive boxes of Rice Krispies at home and I don’t really like them in their original state, so I’m always trying to think of ways to use them up. One of the easiest recipes that I know for them is the ‘Traditional Rice Krispies Bars’. Ok, yes, that’s also the only recipe I know that uses them. That means that I just have to keep coming up with different variations and shapes and colours and flavours and all of that though. So still keeping it interesting.

To make 12 Rice Krispies Easter Eggs you’ll need the following:

  • 150g Rice Krispies
  • 200g Mini Marshmallows (if you don’t care about the pink undertone you can used mixed colours like I did, but if you want the base to be white then use just white ones)
  • 50g Butter
  • Food colourings (that’s optional, but if you want different coloured eggs you better have some at hand)
  • Egg shaped thing (I don’t know what they’re actually for, but I got a pack of 10 from my local supermarket for £1.50. If you don’t have any though, you can just make the shapes using your hands. Or spoons. You know, now that I think about it, I can’t actually vouch for this working without the egg things as it’s a very sticky mix… If you do try going freestyle, let me know how it works out.)
  • Oil spray (that’s if you use the egg things)
  • A bowl (microwave safe) OR a saucepan
  • Some utensils to mix the super sticky mixture and a spoon to spoon it
  • Muffin tin/egg box (as soon as I’d finished with my first egg I realised I’d forgotten that I’ll actually need to put them somewhere and panicked until I remembered I have my good old muffin tin where I can put them)
  • Sprinkles etc are also optional but will brighten it up quite nicely


Step 1(Now, I did this in batches as I wanted to do each batch a different colour. You could make the whole mixture first and then divide it into how many colours you want, but I thought it’d be way too sticky for this, so I just did the first few steps a couple of times.) Place your butter and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl. (Don’t use a tiny little jug like I did. I was a fool. Use a properly sized bowl instead. Be smarter than me and think ahead to step 4. Many regrets.) Once you’ve put them in the bowl, microwave for 30 seconds whilst keeping an eye on it. Marshmallows do funny things in the microwave. (Or you can use a saucepan and do it over the hob if you’d like.) 


Step 2 – Mixmixmix. Mixmixmix. It’ll be oh so sticky and look like you’re never going to get the bowl clean again but it’s actually a lot easier to clean than you’d think. Make sure there aren’t any more marshmallow lumps left (you can see a few lumps on my picture) and microwave a little more if need be.


Step 3 – Add the food colouring. The red didn’t make THAT much of a difference to my mix as it was already pink, but it made it a bit more vibrant. It’s very important to add the colouring now not later or earlier by the way.


Step 4 – Add the Rice Krispies. Now, that’s where the regrets came to play. My jug was way too small for me to mix it all in here (these puffs are SO light in weight, which means you need to add quite a lot to get the required amount) without turning all the little puffy things into dust so I had to transfer all of it to a bigger bowl and continue there. Mix it all and make sure it’s done properly. I know it’ll probably look like the tiny amount of butter and marshmallow mixture couldn’t possibly coat all the puffs but it will. I have picture evidence. (Yes, once I’d used a proper bowl to combine it, I put it all back in the jug for picture purposes. Don’t ask. I’m somewhat ashamed.)

Step 5 – Spray the egg thing with oil so the mixture won’t stick to it. Then spoon some of it into the egg thing. I mean, you can probably try your best and it’ll still be at least a tiny bit of a sticky mess (if it’s not then you’re a wizard and I’d like to know how you managed it), but it’s relatively straightforward. Pack it in a little to make sure there’s some structure to it and then close the two egg halves for a few seconds to seal it before taking it out.

Step 6 – You’re pretty much done! Once you’ve taken the egg out, it’ll need some time to set so be good and give it some support and time. (Ask it if there’s anything you can do to make it more comfortable. Like make it some friends. That’s what I did.) I also gave them muffin case nests.

Step 7 – Decorate with sprinkles. Or chocolate. Or anything you want, really. They’re Easter eggs and meant to be made as pretty as you can.

Quick summary of the steps:

Step 1 – Place your butter and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds whilst keeping an eye on it

Step 2 – Mix it and if there are any marshmallow lumps, microwave a little bit more

Step 3 – Add the food colouring

Step 4 – Add the Rice Krispies and mix thoroughly

Step 5 – Spray the egg thing with oil, fill with Rice Krispies mixture, pat tight, close the egg thing for a few seconds and then take the ‘egg’ out

Step 6 – Place the ‘egg’ in a muffin tin or egg box for support so it can set

Step 7 – Decorate with anything you want – sprinkles, melted chocolate, etc

Tadaaaaaah! They’re really easy to make, even if the process is a little messy. But like I said – it’s actually surprisingly alright to clean up. Must be some Easter Bunny magic at work. They’re also very yummy (my SO can vouch for that) and I can’t wait to make them again next weekend.



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