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Some (weird) things I don’t like.

I thought I’ll keep the title to the point. Over the years I’ve realised that there are some things that I don’t particularly like and today I thought it’d be great to share these things with you. I’m not sure why I thought it’s a great idea, but just hear me out. Some of the things are a little out there and some of them you can probably relate to. We’ll see where this goes.

I shall start with the worst one. I don’t even want to write it down as I don’t want to know that they’re on my blog. But I shall be strong and overcome my fear/deeeeeeeep dislike for a few minutes. Earwigs. That should say it all. They’re nasty creepy crawlies who seem to be everywhere towards the end of summer and it’s just… *shudders*. If that wasn’t bad enough, I do actually have a horrendous childhood memory that includes these … things. For some reason there always seems to be bazillions of them around in August on the island where my Nan lives. I’d never been keen on them. One summer however, (I was probably around 10 years old, give or take a couple of years) we decided to put a tent up in the garden and camp out. It was all nice and fun until the next morning the tent was absolutely crawling with these things. Dozens of them. Oh. My. Shudders. Trust me, that’d be enough to make anyone scream on top of their lungs and run in the opposite direction.

I also don’t like balloons. That’s a bit more manageable – I don’t scream like a fog horn when I see one – but I still don’t like them. I’m absolutely fine with them as long as they’re not inflated. Inflating them is what gets me the worst. I’m just terrified that they get filled to the breaking point and that they then pop unexpectedly. I’m kiiiiind of OK with them when they’ve already been safely inflated and if it doesn’t look like they’re too full. I still don’t enjoy them, but I can be around them. Maybe that’s something I can work on. Oh, I also don’t like it when they pop up unexpectedly. That can make me cry. It’s so weird. But like, if I was walking around the corner and a kid with a balloon bumped into me, I’d probably actually cry and possibly run away. Yeah, definitely something to work on.

Allergies. Obvious reasons. I don’t think I need to go into any more detail. I should probably go through one of those allergy tests to see what actually gets me though. I seem to have permanently runny nose.

This one is again a bit of an odd one (or so I’ve been told). I don’t like vacuum cleaners. When I was little we had the LOUDEST vacuum cleaner ever, and I remember it being terrifying. Since then I haven’t been the biggest fan of them and until I was way older than I’m going to admit, I’d hide in another room if someone brought the vacuum cleaner out. I’m quite alright with them now, but I still don’t enjoy them much.

Chocolate. I know, I know. You could probably understand balloons and vacuum cleaners but that’s where you draw the line, am I right? Well, it’s actually not by choice that I don’t like chocolate. It just makes me feel really sick. It’s very weird as I can have all other sweets with no problems (except the weight gain… that darned weight.. in fact, it’s probably for the best that I can’t have chocolate!). It’s something that I’m working on. I’m now in a place where I can have a piece of chocolate if I wash it down with a glass of water straight away. I can also have some chocolates that have a lot of filling. I’ll still need that water though. Also, sometimes it’s still enough if I smell chocolate somewhere and I’ll already feel nauseous.

I think that’s enough for now. Of course there’s more that I don’t like, but I think getting even these few things off my chest will do for now. Phew. What a burden it was! Thanks for listening. I really appreciate it.

I’ll go and try not to think of ᵉᵃʳʷᶦᵍˢ now. Not thinking of them. Nope. Nopenopenope. I’m OK. Not thinking about it. I’ll think of marshmallows instead. Nice and fluffy marshmallows.

Also, it was really hard to choose a picture for this post. I guess I could’ve just taken one of our vacuum cleaner or something… But I’m soooo tired after the super mega busy day I had and don’t really want to interact with it at the moment. Plus, how random would it be to have a vacuum cleaner as a featured image? Hmm, that’s actually kind of brilliant. I might change it tomorrow.



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