Interior design, My life

Destination procrastination!

Population – probably a LOT of people, including Yours Truly. Sooooooo, I’m supposed to be doing my course work but instead I’ve decided to research minion gifs so I’d have one for every possible situation. So now when you message me, you’re probably going to receive a minion gif in response. And why not? Minions are great.

Alright, alright, I’ll go get back to work. No need to be cross with me. After all, I got a lot done yesterday and if I do a little bit tonight and a little bit tomorrow then I’ll be done. Whoop! That’ll be me another step closer to my diploma.

You know, if a year ago you’d have told me that I’d be working on getting a diploma in interior design this year, I’d have thought you’ve lost your marbles. It just goes to show – you never know what lies ahead. I think that in a year I’ll probably be working on something equally bonkers.

Will I be writing a book? Mastering the secrets of the violin? Flying off to some distant country for a couple of weeks? Cuddling up on the couch with Mr Mischief? Everything’s possible if you believe and work for it.

That’s the catch, I think. You actually have to do something to achieve these things. Just sitting on my bum and dreaming about it didn’t seem to work too well for me…

Yes, I’ve just seen what I wrote there. Work. Blergh. I guess I’ll try to go and be productive now.

Just so you know, I blame you if I actually get something done now. Influencing my subconscious to get me back on track. Hmpfh, I say!



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