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Tenerife day 4 – Saying Goodbye

There’s actually not that much more to say, but my adventure just didn’t feel complete without sharing this last chapter.

Sunday 11th of June

Another early start. You’d think I’d have gotten used to those by then but noooooope. I woke as tired as ever. Still shattered from the day before. And somewhat reluctant to leave that place of dreams.

We had planned to take a last dip in the pool before leaving but then decided that it’d be inconvenient (icky) to have wet bikinis packed in our bags so we didn’t go after all. Just did some last minute packing and had a quick breakfast. The mood was somewhat gloomy, although it was brightened considerably by the continuous sunshine.

We were picked up and taken to the airport by our Airbnb host and we had a nice chat about our time on the island and life in Tenerife in general on our way there.

Everything went smoothly at the airport. We did some shopping – sister bought the cutest little camel. And we boarded.

I don’t know if it’s Ryanair’s latest ploy to get people to pay to reserve seats or if it was a coincidence that I was sat in row 4 and my sister in row 31. I did our check in at the same time and usually it would’ve seated us together still. I would’ve believed it to be a coincidence a bit more if the situation hadn’t been exactly the same for 4 couples around me. In fact, I had the isle seat and next to me was a gentleman whose wife was sat 14 rows behind us when there was an empty seat under the window next to him! Tut tut Ryanair! Ok, rant over – at the end of the day it was a cheap flight that got us where we needed to be with no fuss and frills.

We were greeted by typical UK weather when we landed and an announcement that our train home had been cancelled. Great. More proof that we should’ve stayed on our holiday. Resourceful as I am I quickly planned us a different route home and were then picked up from the train station by my mother-in-law-to-be (thank you!).

At home I had planned a surprise birthday party for my sister and my SO had put it all together according to my plans (so it was obviously perfect).


After that it was bed and deep slumber.

The end.


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