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Glossy August

Hellooooo! As you may have guessed, this is my August Glossybox post. I actually cancelled my subscription last month, thinking that it’s time to try something new, but after seeing this month’s box I decided I need this in my life and resubscribed. I’m quite glad I did 🙂

  1. Batiste, 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in Vanilla & Passionfruit, RRP £4.49 for full-size. At first I was no impressed to get yet another Batiste product in my beauty box, but at least it wasn’t the XXL volume thing again (I got 3 of those!). And let’s face it, I do need the odd dry shampoo between washes at times so it’ll get used. I can also actually smell the vanilla in it and like it. Overall I’m more than OK with having received it.
  2. SportFX, Time Out Face Mist + Fix, RRP £5.99. This is a refreshing and soothing face mist to either use as primer before foundation or on top of makeup to refresh. It’s very minty so it’s definitely refreshing! I haven’t tested its fixing abilities yet, but I can confirm that it works as a wake-me-up with its menthol essences.
  3. Valquer, Ice Hair Mask in Total Repair, RRP £14.99 for full-size. I have very mixed feelings about this hair mask. On the one hand I loooooooove what it does to my hair – it makes it sooo soft and lovely. But on the other hand it smells like aftershave. After the first time that I used it I almost went back in the shower to shampoo my hair again because the smell was really overpowering. The worst of it went after a few hours however and then I was left with silky smooth and super soft hair. So I used it again. Now, if they did this in a different scent I’d say sign me up! But as it is now, I wouldn’t buy it again. And it’s a shame because it works really well.
  4. Rodial, Suede Lips in Big Apple, RRP £22. Hnnnnnnnng. I love it. Absolutely 100% love it and it’s my new favourite lip thing. The colour suits my skin tone perfectly, it’s got such a beautiful matte finish and it leaves my lips really soft. The latter is thanks to vitamin E that it contains. So clever of them to think of that. I love it. Can’t praise it enough.
  5. ModelLauncher, Safari Sun Bronzer, RRP £16.50. Another item that I love. It’s beautifully shimmery, doesn’t make me look like a chocolate orange and look at the cute giraffe pattern! What’s not to love?


Overall I’m very happy to have found a couple of new products there to go straight into my favourites. I still think it’s great value for money and an excellent way to keep my makeup bag topped up.

Excited to see what Glossybox has in store for next month!


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