Chapter 4 – The Hunt

Alice circled around the buildings, all thoughts of self gone. She was focusing on the people below her. She spotted a young boy with messy jet black hair walking next to an absolute giant of a man. She soared past them, they weren’t her target today. Had they looked up, they would’ve only seen a flicker of a shadow go by.

Her powerful wings beat slowly, enough to keep her airborne and moving forward at a steady pace. Where was he?

Alice’s head was throbbing and spinning, her lungs seemed to be unable to fill, her whole body was aching – her subconscious trying to pull her out of it, but failing. The shadows around her enjoyed this part too much.

She spotted her quarry. Pulling her enormous wings together, she dived – a maneouvre she had practised to near perfection over time. When she was mere feet away from plunging to her death, – she wished – she pushed her wings out to slow her fall and land elegantly behind a man in a light grey suit holding a black umbrella above his head. He was of medium build, dark blonde hair, somewhat handsome but not remarkably so.

He was on the phone.

‘Yes… Yes… I know… Would you stop it already?! I told you, I’ll get it done,’ he growled through gritted teeth before angrily pressing the red button on his phone to end the call. He turned around, his expensive looking briefcase flinging in the air.

Everything stopped. The suitcase was still hovering beside the man in an unnatural angle. A mild surprise had begun to manifest on the man’s face. His legs were awkwardly half way through the step to turn around. Even the raindrops seemed to have stopped to witness what was happening.

Alice wrapped her wings around him, looking straight into his eyes. She could see a fire in them. Burning desire to prove himself. Not caring who got in his way. ‘How familiar,’ she thought with disgust.

Alice plucked a feather from her wings – more of a thought than an actual tangible piece – and put it in the inside pocket of the man’s jacket. He’d find it there, she was certain of it.

Sighing deeply she searched the man’s face once more. Looking for any clues that would prove her wrong. Desperate to find something there that could still save him. She found nothing.

He was doomed and Alice had been the one to make sure of it. There was no going back for him once he found what she had left for him.

Spreading her wings once more she took off, flying away. Away, anywhere but here. She didn’t care where she ended up. Away.

Buildings flew by in a blur, she was going so fast, faster than she’d gone ever before. Soon the tall city buildings were gone, replaced by smaller houses and trees, driveways full of family cars. Alice didn’t notice any of it.

She also didn’t notice the shadow ahead – the shadow cast by nothing. She flew straight at it, but instead of passing through it, she slammed into it with a monstrous force.

She had just enough time to realise she was hurting like she hadn’t done in a very long time before everything went dark and quiet.

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