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A Glossy September Evening

Hi everybody! It’s a chilly September evening, almost officially autumn. Which of course means that I’m all wrapped up and enjoying a nice cup of tea, thinking what to do next? So I thought it’s the perfect time to share my this month’s Glossybox with you.

In September they’ve gone back to their original pink box design, packed with back-to-school essentials for skincare and makeup. Plus a couple of extra bits.


Monu Skincare, MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil, RRP £26 for full size. I decided to start with the product that fully stole the show for me. This face oil is my new go to for evening skincare routine. It contains plant oils to nourish and protect and a refreshing blend of Bois de Rose and Patchouli essential oils to calm, firm and leave skin visibly brighter. It says you can either use it twice a day – mornings and evenings – or as an intensive treatment to replace your night cream which is what I’ve done. I love the smell of it (although I can imagine that it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea) and it leaves my skin oh so soft. Love it!


Taylor’s 32, Flavoured Natural Whitening Toothpaste in Grapefruit and Mint, RRP £5. To begin with, I didn’t think I’d be using anything but purely mint flavoured toothpaste anymore, being well in my 20s. But here we are. With a grapefruit and mint toothpaste. Grapefruit. I was rather sceptical at first, but all the more pleasantly surprised once I’d tried it. You can definitely tell it’s not your usual flavour and you can even tell the grapefruit in it, but it’s not unpleasant. Just unusual. As for its whitening effects I’m yet to see any drastic results. All in all it’s something different to try if you’re bored of the usual flavours.


Cetaphil, Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio, RRP £14.99 Cleanser, £8.99 Cream, £14.99 Lotion. This has been said to have been long used backstage in the fashion industry to remove models’ makeup while caring for sensitive skin. To be honest it left me quite indifferent. None of these 3 products have any scent which I get that if you’re around this all the time would only be a bonus, but I like to indulge in my skincare rituals and this would have to include something beautifully scented. As for the textures and cleansing/moisturising properties – they do the job, but nothing remarkable to set them apart in a positive way from any other products that I use.


Pixi by Petra, Brow Tamer, RRP £12. I already got this brow tamer in a beauty box a few months ago and didn’t really use it much. Is it time to give it another go? I decided that it is. So I have been using it for a few days now and, well, you can’t really fault it. It does what it’s supposed to do. Keeps your brows tidy.


STYLondon, Siligel Blender – Clear, RRP £5.99. So that’s a… blob of sorts for applying liquid foundation or cream on your face (and body, I guess). I really like the idea as you don’t waste any product and should be able to get a nice even result plus you can easily wash it after use. Notice how I said I liked the idea of it though? I just couldn’t get the hang of it. No matter how much I tapped, rolled and pressed, it still looked patchy and streaky. I obviously need more practice or to change something else (like the product that I use) for my next experiment with this … blob. At the moment consider me not converted yet.


Overall I was somewhat disappointed in this box. It felt rather bland with just one product that I really liked. The chocolate was a nice surprise though and managed to save the day a little.

I do understand that it’s impossible to please absolutely everyone every month however so I’m not going to hold it against them. September just wasn’t for me.

We’ll see if the Mermaids and Unicorns will manage to turn it around next month.


2 thoughts on “A Glossy September Evening”

  1. I have the same problem with the blender! I was excited to start using it instead of my normal sponge blender but it left streaks all over my face ruined my makeup today.

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