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Wednesday Wisdom

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well on this rainy Wednesday evening. Well, it’s raining here anyway. It feels like autumn really snuck up on me this year. One day I was out in a t-shirt and the next I had to dig my jacket and scarf out of the wardrobe and turn the heating on in the house. Where does the time go, eh?

Anyway, I thought I’d like to share some wisdom with you today, instead of droning on about something or nothing. For some reason I am feeling extra wisdomous (thank you Joey from Friends for that word!) today.

Talking helps. Whether it’s good news or bad – shared it becomes twice the joy or half the burden. Also, I have another great piece of wisdom for you that I saw on a mug today – it’s absolutely fine to not be able to adult every day. I mean… mugs are a valid source of wisdom, right?


I do regret not actually buying that mug though… Hmmm.

Anyway, don’t bottle things up and don’t be too hard on yourself!

I’ll go watch some more Walking Dead now, I think. Only just started watching it, but hey, better late than never, right?


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