Crafty trolley

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and are enjoying the beautiful autumn sceneries everywhere – the leaves, pumpkins, apples and everything else colourful.

You may remember that some time ago I mentioned a little craft/upcycling project that I was working on. Well, I’ve actually finished it now and thought I’ll share it with you today.

Bar cart/trolley

I’d been after a nice bar cart/trolley for a while now but they were all either out of my budget or just didn’t look nice. So when I spotted this little (and very affordable) trolley in Ikea, I thought I could totally turn this into something I’d like and so decided to give it a go. Admittedly I didn’t go with the most exciting of options for my project, but I’m rather pleased with the end result.

I started with a plain trolley, black matte spray paint (any colour/finish will do as long as it’s suitable for the surface that you’re painting, so go for what you prefer. I did actually consider metallic colours, but it just wouldn’t have gone with the rest of the room) and tape (to cover any parts that you don’t want to paint but also can’t remove).

My first step was to decide what I want to have black and which bits I want to leave white. I could’ve made it all black of course, but I thought I can always have it black and white to begin with and then if I don’t like it, just spray the rest of it as well. So my second step was to cover the wheels of the frame with tape as I wanted to keep them white.


The third step was the actual spray painting itself. I decided to do most of it outside when the weather permitted it as it’s quite messy. I had to do several coats and then do the other side and then do the bits I missed and then do the bits I messed up, but in the end I got it all painted.


Then it was time to remove the tape and see what it actually looked like with the white wheels. Would it be really weird or would it actually work? I reckon it worked, so I decided to keep it like that. Then all that was left was to assemble the whole thing.

And poof! You have a lot more interesting looking trolley. You could also do patterns or use stencils to make it even more POW! Or just use it for some ornaments/displays if you like to change things up every now and then and aren’t ready to commit to a full blown paint/pattern madness.

Overall it was a very simple project that I enjoyed very much. Any ideas for what I could do next? I’m actually quite excited to be making things for our home now that I’ve proven to myself that I’m actually capable of finishing craftsy/DIY projects.

Have you upcycled anything in your house or is there anything you’re thinking of doing? I’d love to hear about it – share your love and ideas for DIY and crafts 🙂


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