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Candles And Wax – Getting To Know Me

Hellooooo! Hope you’re all having a good weekend doing what you enjoy. I have had a pretty quiet one so far – been working on redecorating one of our rooms (I will do a full post on that once it’s ready) and pretty much trying to take it easy otherwise.

As I placed an order for a few Yankee Candle products yesterday, I was struck by a thought – I haven’t talked nearly enough about what is one of my, for the lack of a better word, obsessions. Candles. I do have a few more, erhm, categories that I love buying, but I thought I’ll reserve this post for candles and such and maybe make this into a little bit of a favourites/getting to know me mini series.


Now, I don’t actually ‘collect’ candles as much as hoard, I guess? No, that’s too harsh and I’m done being mean to myself. Basically whenever we go to a shop – any shop – the first thing I look for are candles and then I spend a good amount of time smelling my way through them all like every other normal person does. And then I’ll probably purchase one. Or two. You know what, I don’t think it’s important how many actually come home with me.

I just find something so comforting and cosy in lighting a candle and having the house smell like caramel pumpkin or sparkling lime & ginger. Especially during autumn and winter. And I do actually go through them quite quickly so it’s not like they’re just gathering dust. (Thus me not having a ‘collection’ of them. Just a lot of candles happen to pass through my home and I love them for it.)

My absolute favourite place to get candles from is Homesense. They always have such a wide variety of candles and at a reasonable price. I mean, what more could you want? Another place where to find good candles is little village craft/souvenir shops. The candles there are often hand made and you can find some unusual scents.


I just realised I haven’t mentioned the other side of my favourites yet – wax melts. Yankee Candle do such beautifully scented wax melts and yes, other companies do them too, but I just know I can’t go wrong with YC ones. Also they’re great as ‘testers’ if you’re thinking of getting a full sized candle but are not sure if you’re going to like the smell of it. As they’re usually a fraction of the price of a full candle you’ve got a lot less to lose if you don’t happen to like it.

What’s your favourite place to get candles from and do you go for new scents or repurchase ones that you’ve already tried and tested?

Edit: I forgot to say that I actually clean the nicer candle pots once the candle is gone and use them for storage or succulent pots. I’ve found that the best way to clean the leftover wax is by pouring boiling water into the pot and leaving it for a while. The wax melts and rises to the top so you can just scoop it out (if you wait until it’s had time to solidify a bit again it usually comes out in one piece).


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