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October Lookfantastic Beauty Box

Hi all! Yes, I’ve run out of different ways to put ‘looking fantastic’ in the title so I just went with what this post is about – my October Lookfantastic Beauty Box. I’ve been so happy with Lookfantastic for so long, they’ve never disappointed me in any way and I’ve always loved their product selection, so for now that’s actually the only beauty box that I’m subscribed to. We’ll see how long I last with just the one…


The Lookfantastic October box is all about indulgence – taking time to care of your body and soul. For this they’ve packed a box full of relaxing and rejuvenating goodies and have filled their own little booklet with handy tips on skincare and yoga (including ideas for DIY body scrubs).



Bean Body, Coffee Bean & Coconut Body Scrub. This cruelty and paraben free, vegan friendly body scrub is enriched with coconut oil, vitamin E and sea salt. I tried it out for the first time this morning and it was pretty much like rubbing used coffee grounds on myself. In a good way. So it was a quite nice experience – the scrub is not too rough but I could feel it working and I found the strong smell of coffee quite invigorating.


ModelCo, Instant Radiance Concealer – Exclusive. I was excited to try it out as I’m always on the lookout for something that would work for my dark circles. I have used it a couple of times now and I find it feels quite heavy and dry, but it does cover well. I’d also say that it’s a shade too dark to give me much ‘radiance’, but I’d use this to cover and maybe another product to add a bit of brightness. Unless that’d be too cakey in which case I’d just have to live without radiance.


Monu Skin, Firming Fiji Facial Oil. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while then you’ll know that I already got this oil in another beauty box not long ago and that I absolutely love it. I’m so happy to have another bottle of it. I use it at night instead of face cream, I love the smell of it and how soft it makes my skin. The only downside of it is the little bottle itself and more importantly how the oil comes out. You only need a little of the oil but for me at least it’s so hard to get just a little bit out as there’s no amount control feature on it. That sounds weird now that I’ve written it down but I end up wasting quite a bit of it as it just kind of sloshes out. I wish there was like a… thing with only a small hole in it or a pump or a something. It makes sense in my head. Overall I still absolutely love it and am just sad that so much of it ends up wasted.


Lancer, The Method: Polish. It’s a fab little face polish. Again I used it for the first time today and it was love at first sight. It smells so nice and invigorating plus the consistency of it is amazing. It was literally polishing my face and it was such a weird sensation but I loved it. Would definitely buy again.


Ciate, Wonderwand Mascara. This is a paraben free and vegan friendly mascara which is good to know if that’s important to you when choosing your beauty products. It’s got an hourglass shaped wand which I like (like the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara) but quite thick but dry consistency which I’m not too keen on. Maybe it’s just the one that I got and it’s not usually quite this dry but I found it was crumbling when I was putting it on and it left dried clumps in my lashes as well. Once I got rid of the clumps and crumbles however, the result was really nice, so I’ll probably still be using it, I just need to put some more effort into it.


Skimono, Hand Mask. I’d never thought of hand masks before, but now that I got this in my box it kind of makes sense. After all I use the exact same kind of masks for my feet so why not my hands as well? Especially now that it’s getting colder and my skin will be drier. I used this one last night just before bed and it was suuuuuch a weird sensation putting them on. They’re literally gloves with gloop inside them. It felt like some sort of a dare challenge! Once I had them on they fastened at the wrists so they stayed securely put and I was even able to use my touchscreen phone still (albeit with some difficulties). After half an hour or so I took them off and according to the instructions I was supposed to massage the leftover serum in my hands and not rinse it off. That part didn’t work for me however. I don’t know what was going on but it just wouldn’t absorb and got quite sticky so I had to wash it off. I’d definitely buy this again though as it left my hands soft and moisturised.

Overall verdict – definitely a good selection of products to use for a ‘me day’ to relax and pamper yourself.

Now it’s time to excited for their next month’s Ready Set Glam edition!


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