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Leaves and Bags – Getting To Know Me

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a good week and are all ready for the weekend. I thought that as it’s Friday I’d like to write about something that makes me very happy, helps me relax and makes my world a better place in general. Tea. More specifically herbal and fruity tea and pretty much anything without caffeine.

It’s one of those other ‘categories’ that I like to buy and have a decent selection of. I do admit that I didn’t realise how big of a selection I’ve actually got until I put them all in one place. It’s a bit more than I thought I have. (And no, the pictures don’t show my whole stash.)


I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you like tea (black, green, white, herbal, fruity, chai, etc), you’ll find something to drink in my kitchen. I do actually think I’ve pretty much got everything covered. Yet I still manage to go to a shop, spot the tea aisle and go ‘Oooooooh, that sounds yummy! I think this pack of tea would love it in my home!’ aaaaand that’s how it goes. I don’t know how it happens, it’s like… magic.

I get most of my teas from supermarkets as they’ve got such wide selections and it’s convenient. However, one of my favourite places to get new and unusual flavours from is (yes, you guessed it) Tk Maxx/Homesense. In fact, I may have ordered a big box of winter/festive teas from there last night. I’d maybe be ashamed of buying even more tea if I wasn’t so excited.


To mention a couple of my favourites – from supermarket tea brands it’s got to be Twinings. Their flavours are just so spot on, fresh and … moreish.


And when I feel like having something extra special, I reach for Carslake Tea Company. Their teas are on a whole different level. I already talked about them in my Great British Food Festival post which you can check out here so I’m not going to go into more detail now.


I’m drinking a cup of Camomile and Honey tea now actually. Mmmmm. So… calming. Especially when struggling with anxiety. I’ve also found that it helps me to snack a bit less. Yay tea!

If you’d like to check out my previous Getting To Know Me post about candles you can do that here 🙂


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