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September Degustabox

Helloooo everybody! It’s time for another Degustabox post. Yes, I do realise it’s the last month’s box and I’m very late to the party, but I’ll just quickly run through what I got anyway. It just wouldn’t feel right to skip a month. Degustabox is a monthly subscription box of edible/drinkable goodies, you get 10 to 15 surprise products from £11.99/month.


  1. Mentos Mint Mix Sharing Pouch £1.19. I’m fairly certain most of you will know what Mentos are and that’s just a big bag of them. Whether you want to share them or not is up to you, of course. It was actually one of my favourite items from this box so I don’t know where it’s going to go from here.
  2. Virtue Energy Water, £1.35 each. As I’m hypersensitive to caffeine (unfortunately it’s a thing…) I can’t have energy drinks but I did have the tiniest sip just to see what they taste like. I believe they’d be quite refreshing and a great alternative to some other energy drinks as these Virtue ones contain no sugar, calories or sweeteners. They do contain 80mg of natural caffeine which is the same as a cup of coffee and they say that they donate 500L of clean drinking water for every can sold. Quite impressive.
  3. Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp, £2.49. I’ve actually not tried them yet but it’s a mixture of whole grain crunchy flakes and cheerios. They’re high in fibre, low in saturated fat and contain beta-glucan which they say helps keep your heart healthy.
  4. Green & Black’s Velvet Edition, £1.99. That’s the chocolate in case anyone’s wondering. It’s 70% dark chocolate which is supposed to be ‘sumptuously smooth’. My husband tried it and his words were ‘If you like (very) dark chocolate, you’d most likely enjoy this’.
  5. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks, £3.49. Not tried this yet but these tuna steaks are 100% pole & line caught and ranked #1 in the US by Greenpeace for sustainability. So that’s got to count for something, right? They’re also hand packed and cooked just once to retain the natural juices so no draining necessary. In fact it says ‘Please don’t drain!’ so they seem to feel quite strongly about it.
  6. Dream Rice Quinoa, £1.60. Again I’ve not actually tried this yet but it’s a carton of plant based milk with no added sugar. I might try it in a smoothie and report back.
  7. Green’s Egg Custard Mix, £0.69. It’s a DIY egg custard mix. You need this pack of egg custard mix, a pre-cooked pastry base and some nutmeg to make your own perfect egg custard. I’ve not tried it yet (I sense a theme…) but I’ll let you know how I get on with it once I’ve tried it.
  8. Latin American Kitchen by Santa Maria Coconut and Chilli Rice, £1.85. I don’t even want to say it anymore but I’ve not tried it yet. It sounds really nice though and I didn’t even realise that I got the coconut and chilli one (one of the five flavours that you could get in the box) or I would’ve probably had it by now. I’ll dig it out of my cupboard soon, I promise.
  9. San Miguel Gluten Free, £2.00 (or £9 per 6-pack). As I’ve subscribed to the alcohol version of Degustabox, I got sent this beer. I’m absolutely no expert when it comes to beers but I found it quite nice.
  10. Latin American Kitchen by Santa Maria Colombian Albóndigas Sauce, £1.85. I’ve not tried it and I have no idea what an Albóndigas Sauce is, but I looked it up and apparently you have it with meatballs.
  11. Knorr Concentrated Stock, £2.20. I’ve not opened this yet but I like Knorr in general so I imagine I’ll be using this. It’s a concentrated liquid beef stock made with real beef extract and is gluten free, free from artificial preservatives & colours and no added MSG. I don’t know what MSG is.

I must say I was somewhat disappointed by this box. I just felt really uninspired by it (I guess that’s why I couldn’t bring myself to write about it sooner either). I know it’s largely due to my personal preferences – I couldn’t have the energy drinks or the chocolate plus a lot of it was kind of cooking/baking DIY which I’ve not really been in the mood for. It just wasn’t my month.

I’m still excited to see what’s in their October box and I’ll do my best to share it with you as soon as I get it.


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