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September Books

Hi all fellow book lovers! Hope you’ve had a great week and that you’ve taken time to do something that you enjoy every day. I’ve been reading quite a bit over the last couple of months as that’s something that I enjoy doing and I find that it helps me with my anxiety – focusing and getting pulled into another world to stop my brain from fidgeting so much is a good way for me to sort of reset my brain. I have also started using my Kindle a lot more. I still prefer the good old paperbacks, but there’s no denying the convenience of a little portable e-reader.

I’ve pretty much continued down the mystery/crime/thriller path as you’ll soon see. Also, I read 5 books in September which means that I’ve already completed and surpassed my this year’s reading challenge with 31/30 books! I’d say that’s a pretty great achievement.

I started the month off by ploughing through 3 more Agatha Christie books from the box set that I got. They were The Clocks (Hercule Poirot #34)Death in the Clouds (Hercule Poirot #12) and Sad Cypress (Hercule Poirot #21). I already talked about this box set in my previous post here so I’m not going to repeat myself as they’re all pretty similar. I’ll just say that I enjoyed them quite a bit and found them a nice easy read.

I’d like to thank Netgalley and the wonderful publishing companies KiCam Projects and HQ Digital for giving me free copies of the next two books to review.

The fourth that I read was Beautiful Scars by Kilee Brookbank, Lori Highlander. It’s categorised as inspirational nonfiction and it’s not the type of book that I’d typically read, but I’m glad I did. Kilee Brookbank wrote this book about how she survived a house explosion that burned 45 percent of her body and how she dealt with what came next. She’s not left anything out – the excruciating pain, unknown future, hope, her strength and recovery. The story is told by Kilee and her mother Lori along with some comments from Kilee’s brother Connor. Kilee shows immense strength and optimism after an accident that would’ve left many others unable to go on. It puts a lot of things into perspective – if it wasn’t for the scars, she may not be here to tell the story now.

The final book that I read in September was The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan. I loved it. I just wanted to put it out there before I continue with my review. This story is about two sisters – Corinne and Ashley. Corinne is trying to pregnant and has gone through many rounds of IVF with no success and is now preparing for her last chance to get pregnant. This has affected her psychologically and emotionally, so when she starts receiving pieces of the doll house that her late father had built for her and her sister, she’s feeling more and more on edge, trying to find out what this means. Ashley is a mother of three who is going through the struggles of having a teenage daughter who is acting out, a baby who has started having night terrors and a husband who’s suddenly working late and spending less and less time at home. It was a definite page turner for me. This book kept me guessing and so many times I thought I had something figured out, only to find that I’d gotten it completely wrong. I really enjoyed it with all its twists and plot developments.


Overall it was a great book month for me with all its mystery and suspense. I must admit I am a bit hooked on this genre at the moment, so we’ll see what the next month brings.


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