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Cups and Mugs – Getting To Know Me

Hi everyone! I thought today would be a great day for you to learn a bit more about me yet again. Before I get to it I’d like to get something off my mind though.

I know that I share quite a bit about my struggles with anxiety (as much as I’m comfortable with in any case, which is surprisingly quite a lot) and also tell you a bit about what I get up to every now and then. I still feel like I’m being quite guarded about what I share though. I’ve had some really crappy experiences in the past which have put me on edge and forced me to be very private about… well, everything, really. They’re holding me back from being just fully and completely me. I’m always terrified of being judged for saying or doing something stupid. Always doubting myself. There are very few people that I’m comfortable being myself around. I feel like so often I’m acting the role of me without letting my actual thoughts and feelings come through and without even realising that I’m doing it. I’ve done my best to put as much of the actual me here as I can, but it takes time to shake years of bad experiences. The reason why I’m telling you this is exactly what I’ve just been writing about. I’m showing you more of my thoughts and feelings. Feeling a bit more exposed but determined to embrace it. I want to be me.

To lighten the mood of this post a bit I’m going to tell you about something that’s very closely related to my previous getting to know me post about tea – my obsession with cups and mugs. I’m probably going to be the Crazy Mug Lady when I grow up. It’s inevitable with the way I’m going.

Here’s a little snippet of my collection. It’s by no means all the cups and mugs that I’ve got, but it’s all of them that could fit comfortably on the picture.

I just took a moment to appreciate that I’m writing a post about mugs. Hmm… Am I finally losing my sanity? I don’t know, but I do think it’s okay to be a bit nutty and it’s me. So I shall keep going. 

Quite a few of these mugs I’ve picked up when travelling, some I’ve got as presents and some I’ve bought because they make me feel good. I only have one condition for my mugs and that’s that I mustn’t have more than one of the same. Otherwise it’s just wasting space that could be taken up by another mug that’s not like any of the ones I’ve already got. And in my defense – I actually do use them all. Not at once, of course, but they’re all included in my rotation.

It would make me feel immensely better about sharing my nutty collections if you told me that you’ve got something like that too. Something that you like to collect or just have a lot of without you even realising it. That’s my story with the mugs actually. I didn’t realise I’ve got so many until I ran out of room in the cupboard for them. It doesn’t stop me from getting more though!


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