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Halloween Cupcakes

HelloooOOOOooooo everyone! I hope that was sufficiently spooky. Halloween is right around the corner now so I thought it’s very appropriate to write about something suitably themed. Cupcakes! But not just your ordinary everyday cupcakes. SPOOKY ones. Well, mostly just silly actually.

I have made two lots of Halloween themed cupcakes this year. Hmm, I say ‘made’, but it’s more like… I got the joy of decorating the cupcakes with little to no effort from my part. You’ll see what I mean.

Halloween Cupcakes I

So, these are the super lazy ones. I pretty much took this on because I wanted to try different ways of decorating cupcakes without having to worry too much about how they look – as they’re spooky themed any deformities are just part of it.

I started with plain cupcakes that I bought from our local shop. If you’d like something fun to do with the kids or why not by yourself but don’t want to even think about making the batter, waiting for the cupcakes to bake and then cool then I’d say this is the perfect option.


Then I got a bunch of stuff to decorate the cupcakes with. Orange and black icing, Halloween sprinkles, colourful little tubs of writing icing, some white chocolate buttons and chocolate + caramel worms that look a bit like poop.


And then I went for it. They’re by no means perfect but I enjoyed it so much! I used different ways of icing them (using a spatula and a piping bag), I tried to think of ways to make them a bit spookier (I think the runny icing actually makes the eyes look like they’re bleeding so that’s great for Halloween) and when I got tired of trying to do neat things I just splodged about a little.


Halloween Cupcakes II

I could’ve just made the second lot from scratch as I had a bit more time and energy to do it, but I thought I’d like to make my life just that little bit easier so I used a vanilla sponge mix instead.

For the cupcakes I used:

  • Vanilla Sponge Mix
  • 120ml milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Food colouring
  • A bowl + whisk


First I turned the oven to gas mark 4.5 (our oven is a bit daft and it’s pretty much anyone’s guess what temperature it actually is). For the batter I followed the instructions on the packet. With some help from my trusty ghosts I poured the cupcake mix into the bowl, added the eggs and milk and got whisking until it was only a little lumpy. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Then I poured half the batter into the measuring jug that I had used to measure milk earlier and added the food colouring. It did not look like cupcake batter anymore. Trusting that it would still be edible I poured the batter into cupcake cases that I’d plopped in my muffin tin and popped the lot in the oven for 17 minutes.

Well, they lost some of their colour but the blue ones look like they could be mouldy and the green ones look quite a bit greener on the inside. Perfect for Halloween!


Then I got to decorating. I used the leftover icing that I had from my previous cupcakes but I’d found these cool little sugar things since decorating my last lot so I thought that as I’ve put some more effort into the cupcakes I’ll take it a bit easier with the decorating. Oh, I also improvised my piping bag from a zip seal bag, piping nozzle and tape. I got so mad at my actual piping bag because it was made from some sort of fabric and the icing kept seeping through it making everything super messy and hard to clean, so I binned it. That improvised piping bag worked like a charm though.


Here’s the result! I did just simple swirly piping (with the exception of one dotted design) and plopped the sugar things on top. Super simple but very effective.


There you go, two lots of cupcakes with very little effort but great results. I found it a good way to ease myself back into baking a little as I’ve had no motivation to bake anything recently. This was the perfect first step for me.

Are you planning to make any Halloween bakes or snacks? I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing so let me know in the comments or message me!




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