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Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Hi everyone! I may have made the mistake of thinking that I’m all better, gone to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Manchester on Saturday, and got ploughed down by that stupid cold again. I’ve been trying to recover for the past two days and I’m making some progress, I think.

First off let me start with – it was amazing! There were three events there at the same time actually, one of them being the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, the other two were to do with food – Cake & Bake and Eat & Drink festivals. It’s mid-November now so I’m not even going to pretend to feel bad about enjoying all the festive things to the fullest. I love everything to do with it and there’s no stopping me now.


At the show there was nearly everything you could want from an early Xmas event. I bought some candles (no surprise there…) and would’ve bought some plants and baking mixes if the card payment machines they displayed would’ve been functional.

There were wonderful Xmas decorations – everything from tinsel and elves to natural orange & pine cone garlands and reindeer.

There were some less wintery/festive exhibitors as well. Plenty for me to get ideas from. What really caught my eye were this table with a bio fuel fireplace in the middle of it, the rocking chair that I feel belongs somewhere in our home, these brilliantly colourful prints/paintings (I mean, if that Zebra isn’t my spirit animal then I don’t know what is) and these amazing colour yourself igloos! I didn’t even know I wanted to colour my own igloo but I do now.

Overall it was a great day spent with my husband that even my panic attack couldn’t ruin. Oh, yes, apparently I’m still not doing great with crowds and feeling like I don’t have room to breathe. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll manage to sort that one day as well.

I hope you had a good weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Ideal Home Show at Christmas”

  1. I am glad you managed to get to this exhibition ….a shame you got hit by the rotten virus again, but wow, some of those displays and paintings are awesome….. (thought candles might have found their way home with you too😜)

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