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Wednesday Wisdom

Hi everyone! It’s the middle of yet another week and I’ve got some wisdom to share with you. This week it’s about something that I’ve been trying to do more of lately and am struggling with a little. However, if reading this helps even one of you then I feel it’s a job well done and I’m more than happy to share my own shortcomings and what I have learned from them (that’s how wisdom is made, right?).

Appreciate and celebrate your successes. No matter how small they are, if they’re a success for you, it’s worth celebrating. I very often downplay my achievements, thinking that ‘others manage it without any fuss, so it’s no big deal’. Well, it is a big deal. For me. So it’s my success and I’m going to be proud of achieving it. What does it matter if someone else can do the same thing that I’ve put hours of effort into without breaking a sweat? I worked hard for it so I get to be happy about it.

I think an example will make it a bit easier to understand. I’ve always preferred web chat and emails over phone calls when dealing with things that I need to sort. For example, getting in touch with my phone provider or Doctor’s office. Some people prefer to just pick up the phone and get it done. Not me. For some reason it’s always left me petrified and really uncomfortable. In the beginning of this month however, I had something to sort and I decided to not talk myself out of doing it over the phone. So I called them up. Spoke to them. And got it sorted. This left me feeling absolutely exhilarated. So much so in fact that over the next two days when I had more things to sort, I picked up the phone again. And got them sorted.

It may seem like a trivial thing to a lot of people (and I’m glad we don’t all have the same struggles!), but like I said – it’s something that I’ve always found really hard to do. So overcoming whatever it is that I needed to overcome for this left me feeling absolutely fantastic.

That’s just one example of many and I’m proud of achieving every single one of them. Go me! Woohoo!

What have you achieved recently that you’re proud of? Did you maybe break a world record in something or took the rubbish out before the bin started to smell/overflow? (Both great achievements in their own respective categories.) Let me know! I’d love to celebrate your successes with you, no matter how small they may seem to the rest of the world 🙂


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