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October Books Part 2

Hellooooo! It’s almost December and I just realised I still haven’t told you about the second lot of books that I read in October. If you read my previous October Books Part 1 post then you already know that I read quite a bit last month. So as not to squeeze everything into one post, I decided to split it into two parts. Here’s part 2!

The fourth book that I read last month was Mummy’s Favourite (DC Charlotte Stafford #1) by Sarah Flint. DC Charlie Stafford is scruffy but hard working and determined to solve the case that her boss, DI Geoffrey Hunter has assigned her to. A mother and son have gone missing and it seems like there’s something off with the case, rather than the mum just running away with her son. When the second pair of mother and child disappear, and then the third, the pressure to catch what’s now presumed to be a serial killer is mounting. With an unexpected twist of events, I found it an enjoyable read.

My fifth book was Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco. Swim Season follows young Aerin – a champion swimmer – as she goes through another change of schools due to her parents’ difficult situation, whilst trying to have a ‘normal’ teenage life during her senior year. I do enjoy an occasional dip in the water myself, but I’ve never followed swimming as a sport, so I was slightly apprehensive about feeling like it’s going to be something I won’t be able to relate to or understand. I was really pleasantly surprised – this book was so gripping! I was really rooting for the characters, feeling such excitement for them when they were going through their challenges and really getting into the story. I absolutely LOVED it and even if you’re not really into swimming but like YA books, don’t let the theme put you off it. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a story that will pull you in and make you wish for a sequel.

The sixth and final book that I read in October was Anything For Her by G.J. Minett. Anything For Her is about Billy who returns to his home town to visit his poorly sister and bumps into his ex Aimi whom he hasn’t seen for 11 years but never stopped loving. Even after all the time that has passed he’d do anything for her so when she reaches out to him, he doesn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. I’m sad to admit that I couldn’t really get into this book. I wanted to like it but I found it difficult to connect with or understand the characters, and the story line often felt like it was dragging. I thought it was all a bit forced and just didn’t feel the mystery it was supposed to convey. For now this book will not going to be making its way to my favourites.

That’s it! That’s my October reads for you, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’ve read any of them and what your thoughts were.

I also want to thank Netgalley and the publishers Bunky Press and Zaffre for giving me these books to read and review.


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