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Lookfantastic – Best of 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Xmas, however you spent it. We had a pretty quiet one which was exactly what I needed this year. Xmas dinner with the in-laws and then pretty much just full on relax mode with the hubby. Perfect!

My sister suggested that I do a little wrap up of my this year’s favourite Lookfantastic boxes and my favourite products from them. I thought it’s a great idea so here I am, going through my posts about each box again. It’s so funny as I’ve actually changed my mind about so many of them since doing my first impressions!

Anyway, I thought I’ll choose my favourite product from every category and then my overall favourite box of the year? I’ll see how it’s going to work out in any case. I might have to make some categories up as I’ve gotten some quite random things at times. Alright, let’s get to it! The categories are in no particular order, by the way.

Face Cream

Nuxe – Nuexellence Eclat (January). I got quite a lot of face creams this year so you’d think it’d be a difficult to pick my favourite, but it really wasn’t. I absolutely loved this face cream from the January box. I loved the smell of it, it left my face glowing and it was just perfect for me. Would definitely recommend.


Ciate – Wonderwand Mascara (October). If you read my first impressions of this, you may remember how I didn’t really get on with this mascara at first. I had some issues with it being too dry and just crumbling down my face. That just teaches me not to trust first impressions when it comes to makeup. In fact, this is now my favourite mascara. I’m so glad I gave it a second and then a third chance. I don’t know if it’s me, or what changed, but it just makes my lashes perfect with very little effort.


Eve Lom – Cleanser and Muslin Cloth (September). Love it. It feels so luxurious and gentle, smells amazing and cleans superbly. What more could you want?

Body Scrub

Scrub Love – Coconut Cranberry Body Scrub (May). Hands down the best body scrub I tried out this year. It smells amazing and made my skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. Absolute favourite.

Hair Mask

Redken – Heatcure Treatment (March). This was one of the most difficult categories for me. I got quite a few hair masks and there wasn’t any that I didn’t like. So in the end I decided to go with the one that really stood out for me. This self heating mask was nothing I’d ever tried before and my goodness did it work! Absolutely amazing.

Hair Product

System Professional – Luxe Oil (May). This was another easy decision as this hair oil is divine. To begin with, it’s from one of my all time favourite hair product companies. Then the oil itself – nothing short of perfection for me. It smells divine, really nourishes my hair and leaves it gorgeously soft. Love it.


MDMFLOW – Matte Lipstick in Bossy (December). You may be surprised to see that my favourite lipstick this year is not a red one. And even more surprised to see that it’s a nude colour! I mean, nudes generally look horrible on me. Not this one though. I absolutely love it. Dream come true.

Body Lotion

Korres – Moisturising Body Milk in Bergamot Pear (August). Again a very easy decision. This was the first product I’ve tried from Korres and it was a love at first… sniff? It’s got such an amazingly fresh scent plus it leaves my skin sooooo soft and smooth. In fact I just got this in full size as an Xmas present from my sister-in-law and I couldn’t be happier!


Laura Geller – Balance And Brighten Fair (April). This actually came as a bit of a surprise to me. It’s the first powder/baked foundation that I’ve tried and I was immediately won over. It’s so easy to apply and offers me a nice light and natural coverage, which is what I’d go for most days. Love it!


Bellapierre – Shimmer Highlighter in Exite (June). If you read my original post, you know that I originally thought that this was an eyeshadow. Well, teaches me to try and remember what things actually are. I’d forgotten that it was a highlighter again, so I’ve been using it as an eyeshadow type of thing haha! Mostly in my inner corners (which, I guess, counts as a highlighter actually) but you know, sometimes I just need that something extra sparkly so I go wild with it over other eyeshadows. Absolutely love it though. I’ll try to remember it’s a highlighter from now on and try it on the rest of my face as well. (Regardless of my confusion about the technicalities of this little pot it’s still without a doubt my favourite one by far in its category.)


POLAAR – Genuine Lapland Hand Cream (December). I put this in the ‘Misc’ category as I only got the one hand cream from Lookfantastic, but I really love it. It smells like winter, is super hydrating and overall my current favourite.

Illamasqua – Mini Contouring Gel Sculpt in Silhouette (September). Another thing that I wasn’t too keen on to begin with that I absolutely looooooove now. Yes, I’m finally contouring! Nothing too dramatic though, just a tiny bit of cheekbone and jawline stuff. This stick is amazing though. It blends so well and is just really beautiful.

H2O – Gradual Tan Mist (May). I’m starting to get a feeling that I know which box I loved the most this year. Anyway, this is amazing. At first I didn’t really know how intense it would be so I went to town with it (something that I regretted deeply not long after). I learned from my mistakes however and from then on I managed to achieve a gorgeous healthy sun-kissed glow with it.

This Works – Deep Sleep Stress Less (February). I actually got a Deep Sleep Spray by This Works in my November box and I almost couldn’t choose between these two as I really love them both. In the end I decided that as this has lasted me a lot longer than the spray did, I’d rather repurchase this one again. It really helps me to calm down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Real Chemistry – Luminous 3-Minute Peel (May). Another winner from the May box. It smelled absolutely amazing and worked wonders on my face. Need to buy it again!

Congratulations if you made it this far! I wanted to add a couple more products but then I realised that they’re all from the May box, so I decided to just call it a day here and announce the May Box – Get The Glow as my most favourite Lookfantastic Beauty Box Edition of 2017. Woohoo!

Overall, I’m so happy with all the products that I had the opportunity to try out this year and I’m oh so excited to see what 2018 brings!

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