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Wednesday Wisdom/How To Sleep Better

Hi everyone! I’ve not shared any wisdomous bits for a few weeks now, so I thought it’s about time I catch up on that.

To be honest the only wisdom I’ve got at the moment is – get enough sleep. I’ve done my absolute best to make sure I get my hours, but somehow I’m still exhausted. Winter blues maybe? Or maybe i should change it to – get enough quality sleep. No use if you’re tossing and turning all night, not really resting.

Here are some tips for a good night’s sleep:

  • No phone/TV before bed (uhhh, yeah, I recently discovered this game called Numbers Game and I find it highly addictive so that tip is a bit difficult for me to follow right now… I’ll get back on track soon though!)
  • Keep the temperature in your bedroom low(ish) (I mean, don’t sleep in your refrigerator, but keep it coooool)
  • Have a bedtime ritual (it works for babies so why not adults?)
  • Use a sleep tracker (that’s completely optional, but I like to see what time I actually fall asleep and how restless I am, to compare the data and…. I just realised this sounds a tiny*ahem* bit insane, so if you’re not into data and numbers, just skip it)
  • Have a cup of (caffeine free) tea (there’s something about a cup of chamomile tea that really soothes me and helps me get to sleep)
  • Pretend to be asleep (it’s the same technique as smiling to make yourself feel happy. Plus it’s so dull that you’re bound to fall asleep eventually)
  • See your Dr (that’s not me saying that there’s anything wrong with you, but if you’re really struggling to get enough quality sleep, it’ll affect your health in so many ways. There could be an actual treatable reason to why that’s happening, so don’t struggle, see if there’s anything that can be done to sort it out instead :))

I can’t think of anything else that helps me get a better night’s sleep now, but I’ll let you know if I remember any other tips and tricks.

Also, I actually started writing this post last night, thinking that I’ll get ahead a bit that way, but thinking about all the sleep stuff made me so sleepy! So I didn’t finish it and I’ve not been too well today, so I’ve only just now gotten round to wrapping it up. I know it’s quite a bit later than my usual posts, but considering the topic of it, I think it works just fine.

Good night and I’ll see you soon!


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