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Wednesday Wisdom

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well and keeping that flu at bay. And if you have been mowed down by it like so many people seem to have (yours truly included), remember to drink lots of fluids (water and tea are at the top of my list), take every moment that you can to rest (horizontal life breaks are amazing right now!) and be kind to yourself (if you can barely talk and your nose is dripping like a faucet it’s ok to not be awesome at everything).

As for my wisdom… You know how I’m always trying new things (well, I think I am anyway. Or at least want to. Yes, I want to try new things but my fear of change often gets in the way. I’ll leave that for another time.) and that includes changing the way I write certain posts here. For example, looking back to my last year’s book reviews I saw that without realising it, I kept making subtle changes to the way I wrote them. (That’s not me saying that I should’ve kept to the same rigid format and never change anything by the way. It’s simply an observation.) It’s the same with my beauty box reviews. Changes galore! (Sometimes the changes happen because I can’t remember how I did it the month before… must be the old age catching up.)

A more specific example – in the beginning of last year when I wrote my book reviews I also gave them scores out of 10. Looking back, that didn’t really work for me. At all. Reading the reviews now, it’s clear that I didn’t enjoy some of the books but when it came to the score, it looks like I was being a little bit too generous. By little I mean quite a bit, by the way. Although I’m sure that at the time I thought it fair and that’s why I’m not going to go back and edit any of them, even though the reviews don’t necessarily match the scores. I did the best I could at the time and I’m learning from it now. All in all I’d say that’s a good outcome.

I could write a whole post about how I feel about books and reading (and I think that I actually have written a few posts about it already…) so I’ll stop here and go back to my original point – things change. Sometimes for the best, sometimes they could do with changing again. I’m not talking about progress for the sake of progress (if you get this reference, we may share a spirit animal), but rather learning from your past and/or mistakes. Moving forward and embracing it all. (I could so say more random inspirational words here but I’m afraid that if I do you’ll be too inspired to change your subscription to my blog from follow to… the other option.)

Wow, so I just realised I wrote this whole big post when it was supposed to be a short intro to something else. Huh, what do you know. Wednesday Wisdom anyone?

(I ended up adding a few little bits here and there, tweaking some wordings, but essentially letting this ‘intro’ be a post on its own.)

I’ll see you soon with my new book review post format! (Yes, that’s what this was actually supposed to be…)


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