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January Birchbox

Helloooo! Hope you’re all having a good week, whatever it is that you’ve been doing (do let me know though, because I’m quite nosy and love to know what’s going on in your lives!) Today I thought that as January is slowly coming to an end, it’s about time I wrote about my January Birchbox. Yes, I subscribed to Birchbox again. I mean, it was never likely that I would only stick to one subscription box for long, the only question was which other one(s) I’d subscribe to. For now that’s Birchbox.

In January they teamed up with a quirky British stationery brand Ohh Deer and produced a very cute box design with a  nice selection of products to go with it.









Stand tall and be fabulous? Don’t mind if I do! I really love the Birchbox drawer style boxes – they’re always so pretty and practical. And we all know how I love finding uses for things so I can hold on to them forever and ever. (That escalated a bit quickly, didn’t it? In all fairness I’ve actually become SO much better at parting ways with things I don’t need anymore. Anyway, let’s get to the box!)

Lord & Berry, Blusher Crayon in Peach (1.6g, RRP £15). It’s a crayon. For your cheeks. I’ll be honest here and say that in my makeup bag it’ll a bit of a gimmick. The colour of it is beautiful, it’s easily blendable and compact, but that’s where the good stuff ends for me. As a makeup novice I find it a bit difficult to work with when it comes to results. Yes, it blends easily, but it either blends to nothingness or leaves behind a streaky mess. I like it as a subtle eyeshadow, as I’m a bit braver when piling colour on my eyelids. But as far as first impressions go, this was neither hit or a miss and definitely needs some thorough testing before the final verdict. At the moment I’m undecided.


Number 4, Sugar Spray (30ml, RRP £20 for full-size). This is something that made a great first impression. It left my hair gorgeously wavy and smells so… grownup! It’s fresh, light, sophisticated (as much as a sugar spray can be) and really reminds me of summer. Now, I just sprayed a little of it into the cap to remind myself of the smell of it and it smells quite different like that – a lot stronger and a bit powdery. I’ll definitely leave the rest of it for just my hair and I expect to be using it regularly the closer to summer we get. (Yes, I’m aware it’s still January, but the months will fly by.)


Afterspa, Amazing Makeup Remover, (RRP £5.50). This little soft cloth is meant to be machine washed before the first use (and then regularly afterwards, to keep it in tip top shape), and I haven’t gotten round to doing that just yet. So for now I can say that it’s really soft. And pink. And it’s supposed to last up to 1000 washes. That’s a lot of washes.


Thermaliv, Night Cream (15ml, RRP £15.75 for full-size). Another ‘grownup’ scent for me. And quite a strong one at that. If you’re not into strong smelling creams then this may not be for you. As for the consistency, it’s not as rich as some of my other night creams, but I guess it’s good to have variety. It sinks in my skin quite well and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. I still feel like it’s nourishing and it leaves my skin oh so soft. My first impression is – I like it.


Marcelle, Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal (0.8g). This is a Birchbox exclusive eyeliner and boy am I happy to have received it in my box! I absolutely loooooove Marcelle eyeliners. They’re so easy to apply, the colours are not too popping, which I love in certain eyeliners (for everyday makeup I’d always choose a soft and subtle eyeliner over a precise POW one). However it’s also not too dull – just the perfect medium for me. Did I already mention how easy they are to apply? They just glide on like butter on toast. (Uh, maybe a bit of an odd reference but hey, what do I know.) First impression (and probably a lasting one)love it!

Overall I’d say that I’m pretty happy with this box and am very excited to see what they’ve got for me next month!

What would you be most interested in testing (or have already tried) from this box? And if you’ve tried that crayon blush then please give me some advice on how to use it! I really want to like it so I need some help with it.



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