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Day 3 – 5 places I want to visit

Hi everyone! It’s day 3 of my 28 day challenge and I thought I’d share some of my bucket list travel destinations with you. I am absolutely certain that I will visit every single one of these and will be able to share my own photos with you soon, rather than having to borrow ones off the Internet.

5 places I want to visit

  1. New Zealand. I think that’s actually the first place that I really set my heart on as my ultimate travel destination. The beauty of the nature, local attractions (Hobbiton!), wildlife (nothing there wants to kill you), the list goes on. I would like to visit New Zealand during summer.Image result for new zealand wildlife
  2. Iceland. I think you’ll be seeing a bit of a theme in this post, so I’ll talk about it here. I’ve never been much of a city person, always preferring peaceful countryside to the hustle and bustle that comes with big cities. Therefore most of my dream destinations are scenic and serene, ideally off the beaten track. I would like to visit Iceland during winter.
  3. Norway. Another theme seems to emerge here – snow. If you read my first post in this series about 10 things that make me happy, you’ll know that snow is one of the things that has that effect on me. Also, fjords. I would like to visit Norway during winter.Image result for norwayImage result for norway
  4. Canada. I wonder, if I visited all these places, would I start to feel like it’s all pretty much the same? Mountains, snow, lakes… Hmm. I guess I’ll have to find out! I would like to visit Canada during autumn.Image result for canada natureImage result for canada nature
  5. Japan. I guess that’s a little bit of a different one? Although my reasons remain largely the same – the peculiarities of local nature (and food)I would like to visit Japan during spring.Image result for japan nature cherryImage result for japan nature

Listing these places here has gotten me all excited about the endless possibilities out there. Let me know what your dream destinations are and if we share any!

Next post: Day 4 – My goals for 2018.

See you tomorrow!


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