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Day 4 – My goals for 2018

Helloooo! As I’m feeling the aches and pains of the Second Wave of The Flu, I’m wondering what idiot put me in charge of my brain. 28 posts in 28 days? Madness, I say! Uh, maybe one of my goals should be to complain less. I think we’d all appreciate that. Also, as I started to write this, I realised that I already wrote about something similar in the beginning of January… So as my previous post already listed 3 rather specific and measurable goals, I thought I’d go for something a bit broader this time.

My goals for 2018

  1. Do more of what makes me happy. If last year taught me anything, it’s that it is so important to take time to enjoy life. I think this video sums it up pretty well – Thoughts From Your Deathbed. So I shall aim to do a lot more of the things that make me happy, to enjoy the journey.
  2. Try something new. Last year I got my Professional Interior Design Diploma, and it was such a huge achievement for me as it was something I’d wanted to do for aaaaages. So this year I’d also like to either learn something new, try something adventurous or go somewhere I’ve never been before.
  3. Stop worrying about what other people think. I really need to do this one. I mean, I know that the ‘others’ probably couldn’t care less about my hair being a bit unruly or my trousers not matching my top. But I still find it hard to stop my thoughts flying off on their own, thinking of all the possible things others could be thinking. It’s exhausting. So I shall stop.
  4. Be proud of myself. Instead of thinking about my mistakes as failures, I shall be proud of what I have achieved and learned from those experiences.
  5. Know how to put myself first. That’s another tricky one, but also something that I have already gotten a bit better at and just need to improve on.

If you’re a subscriber of a certain monthly beauty box, you may recognize these goals from one of their recent booklets. I related to them so much that I kept that booklet page and will be putting it up in my office to remind me to be kind and take care of myself.

Next post: Day 5 – What would my superpower be?

See you tomorrow!


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