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Day 5 – What would my superpower be?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to kick this week’s butt. Speaking of kicking butts, I have always wondered what my superpower would be if I could have one. I seem to bounce between 3 – healing powers, teleportation and mind control. Shall we see which one I’d choose at the moment?

What would my superpower be?

The answer is – healing powers

With me feeling so poorly lately, especially for the past month or so, constantly battling with the flu, I would love to be healthy again more than anything. Everything is so much more enjoyable and I can do so much more when I’m feeling better. I would also love to share my powers with my family and friends, to help them enjoy life without any aches and pains.

I know it’s not the most interesting one of the bunch perhaps, but it’s the one that I feel would make the biggest impact on my life and on the lives of my family at the moment.

However, as superpowers are quite hard to come by these days, let’s just have this as a reminder to look after ourselves and acknowledge that health is a lot more important than many other things that we tend to prioritise over it.

Next post: Day 6 – February Lookfantastic Box.

See you tomorrow!


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