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5 Tips for job interviews

Hi everyone! It’s Monday and it’s kind of late, so I’m not too sure why I decided to only start writing now. Oh well, better late than never, right? (That’s not one of my tips! Do NOT show up late for an interview and flippantly throw a ‘better late than never’ out there. Or do and tell me what happens. I’d never have the guts to do it myself.)

My advice comes from personal experience and feedback that I have received from the people that have interviewed me. As it is personal, what works for me may not work for you, but maybe it gives you some ideas or a different angle to approach things from.

5 Tips for job interviews

  • Don’t lie. I don’t see the point in lying on your CV or at the interview. Sure, you can put more emphasis on the achievements that you’re most proud of, but that’s playing on your strengths. (No use saying that you can bake a cake when you can’t tell flour from icing sugar.) 
  • Is this the right job for you? I used to always be so nervous about interviews, thinking are they going to like me? I never stopped to think – do I like them? It’s something I have learned over the past few years. To not treat every interview as something that has to end with a job offer. It absolutely does not. They may not think you’re the right person for the job or you may find that it’s actually not something that you’re really interested in. If it’s not the right fit, don’t push it. (Try telling that to me though when I’m trying to squeeze in a dress that may have fit me when I was 15 – I’ll be red in the face, sweating my butt off, about to vomit, but assuring you that it WILL FIT! It doesn’t…)
  • Do your research. If it’s something that you’re actually interested in then knowing more about the company and the role you’re applying for can really make you stand out. It’s also a great way to see if their values and aims match yours. (For example – if you’re a vegan you may not want to work for a company that tests their products on animals.)
  • Have examples of your experience. This includes anything from ‘tell me about a time when you handled a complaint?’ to ‘do you have any visuals of your previous design schemes?’. It really depends on what job you’re applying for. If you don’t have any previous experience, showing that you’re enthusiastic and willing to learn can go a long way. (Don’t be toooooo enthusiastic though, it will likely come across overbearing and fake.)
  • Be yourself. This really ties in with the previous four tips, but I still think it’s important enough to be mentioned on its own as well. It’s a company you could be working for, the people you could be spending a lot of time with. If you pretend to be someone you’re not, well it can become very exhausting. I think it’s also an excellent way to see how you would fit in or stand out. Also, being yourself means that you’ve got one less thing to worry about during the interview! (Unless ‘yourself’ is a serial killer or something… that could escalate pretty quick.)

I didn’t put these tips in any specific order as I think that like with any advice it’s best if you pick and choose what suits you and what you find useful. I do have a lot more of these though so if you’d like to see a part 2, let me know!

What tips do you have for (job) interviews? Do you have a lucky pair of socks or a certain breakfast that you feel boosts your energy levels?


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