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Away with the Elves

Hi everyone! Hope you’re good, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. It’s Saturday. The perfect day to reflect and ponder on the deeper meanings of our existence. Or, you know, watch Gilmore Girls and bake little bread rolls.

I’m on season 4 at the moment and I can’t believe I’ve not watched it before. I mean, it’s amazing. Pure gold. But better.

So yes, that’s my Saturday. I started to feel a bit anxious (you know, the general kind, nothing specific), and thought writing might help. It did. I’m feeling better already. Still a bit shaky but nothing that some more cat cuddles can’t fix.

Oh, speaking of anxiety – I’m a lot better nowadays. I feel a lot more comfortable being me, managing to overthink a bit less and enjoy life. Heck, I even enjoy driving now (a bit)! And I’m alright driving to new places without looking up the route on Google maps (satellite and plain) a few dozen times, planning every turn, stop and escape route. Things are definitely pointed towards an upward direction.

I’ve also nearly finished redecorating my ‘home office’! Gaah, I really need a better name for it. Any ideas? Anyway, I’ll dedicate a post for the whole thing once it’s done. Super exciting!

I guess that’s us caught up and I’ve had plenty of cat cuddles whilst writing this, so I’m feeling even better.

He’s staring at me now. Just looking up at me, not blinking.

He’s definitely plotting something.

He took my anxiety away only to fill my mind with doubts over his motives.

Clever, verrrrrry clever.

See you soon! (I hope!)


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