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My First Clarisonic Experience

Hi everyone! Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Soooo what’s new with you? What have you been up to and how have you been? I have been pretty busy myself. Working, being productive, working some more, being even more productive. Vicious circle really. Luckily days off happened then and I could slip back into ‘Oh, woe is me! I don’t have the energy to do aaaaanything today’ mode. Not sure if I should be presenting this as a good thing. Hmm.

Anyway, as you can see from the title, one of the new things in my life is my Clarisonic Mia 2. Essentially it’s a face cleansing brush. Now, if you go and look up the price of it you may be wondering why on earth would I pay that for a face brush? And I would say it’s the same reason why I paid that much for a good quality electric toothbrush. In fact, as that was the best dental care decision I’ve ever made, doing the same for my face seemed like a no-brainer, really. (Although I have been going back and forth with this purchase for months now, it wasn’t something I decided on a whim.)

Let’s rewind to yesterday when it arrived – there’s me super excited to try it out straight away as soon as I got it out of its box. Until I remembered you’re supposed to let it charge for 18h before first using it. Oh well, I can wait that long. Right? Surprisingly enough it turns out that I could. (I’m as amazed as you are right now.) Although there was a LOT of impatient huffing and puffing. I’m abysmal when it comes to waiting around.

Fast forward through the huffing and puffing to this morning. I decided to use it in the shower as I wasn’t sure how much it would splatter and it felt like the more convenient option for trying it out for the first time. So there’s me, trying to remember the instructions for it. Then trying to remember if I actually read the instructions. Deciding that I may have seen something about needing to wet the brush before using it (duh), I do that and then pop a dollop of cleansing gel on it. Ok, here goes!

I started with my forehead and honestly it felt like I was being brushed with/by a bunny wrapped in a silk scarf. Soooooo gentle and soft and nice. Then it did its vibration thing, indicating it was time to move on to my nose. I was NOT prepared for that. It was the most ticklish thing that’s ever happened to my face. It felt like my nostrils were flapping (charming image, I know) and when I laughed I got water in my nose, which made the whole thing even funnier. I thought I was going to die for a second. Until it did its vibration notification thing again, letting me know it was time to move on to my cheeks, which made it feel like the bunny again.

As far as first experiences go, this was a great one – my face got squeaky clean even though the cleansing process was so gentle and I got a good laugh out of it too. And now a blog post! Wow, what a great morning it’s been.

I shall report back to let you know how it goes with my brush and what difference (if any) it’s making to my skin.

See you soon!



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