My life

Great Plans

Nearly as good as Great Expectations but not quite so… grand.

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying the bit of sunshine that we’ve had and making the most of it. You know, BBQs and swimming and sunbathing all the stuff that people do when it’s not raining. (Yes, I’m questioning whether I am in fact ‘people’ or not, as I’ve not really done much of any of those things that I’ve just claimed ‘people’ do. Something to ponder later on.)

Oooooh my laptop battery is dying. (10%) It’s like I’m racing against time to make any sense of this post before it all goes kaplooey! Such intense typing. As if the faster I typed the quicker coherent thoughts would form in my head. Alas, not today. So, post. Uhmm, plans. Yes! Plans.

I’m planning to start work on our garden soon. Very soon. I just need to get some tools and I’m good to go. Digging. Lots of digging. And planning. (9%) Have to do the planning or I might discover myself knee deep in mud with no idea what my actual goal is. I’ll share my masterfully detailed initial sketches with you when my battery is not about to give up on me (8%).

I mean, I could just plug it in, but it’s so much more interesting this way. The suspense!

Right, what else have I promised to update you on?

Clarisonic – amazing. And I almost remember to use it every day now. I’ve also overcome the flapping nostrils thing and figured out how to get through the process without getting soap everywhere. (7%). So yes, it’s absolutely fantastic and my goodness does it do a great job cleaning my face. It’s exactly as I thought it would be – it’s an electric toothbrush equivalent for my face. Brilliant.

Gilmore Girls – I’m half way through season 6 and it’s still as good as it was in the beginning of season 1. I’m actually really happy to have found a series that doesn’t deteriorate in quality.  I didn’t even realise what a big issue it is, but it seems to be the case with so many series I’ve recently watched (PLL, Riverdale, Walking Dead, to name a few)(6%) I mean, why tease us with a great season 1 only to have it go rapidly downhill from there? I shall stop my rant here.

Crafts – I finished the throw I was crocheting! So darn proud of myself for actually finishing another project. Let me know if you’d like a post about The Journey of the Fibonacci Throw. Heck, I’ll probably end up writing about it anyway with that title!

Right, my battery is on 5% now and I feel like I’m playing with fire here and really can’t take the pressure anymore so I’ll leave it here for now.

I’ll see you soon!


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