My life


Helloooo! I can’t count how many times I’ve started writing this post, not really knowing what I wanted to write about. You should see my drafts folder – full to bursting of one line posts. Most saying the same thing – I don’t know what it is that is begging to be released from my head and onto this page. Not very helpful, if you ask me.

Now I think that I finally know. It’s about re-everything. Re-do, re-think, re-charge, re-use, re-read, re-write, etc.

It’s like… I’m not stuck re-thinking every little aspect of my life (past or present), instead I’m currently re-charging on a hotel balcony in the beautifully sunny and volcanic (for some reason that’s a big pro on my list, go figure) Fuerteventura island. Re-reading some old favourites whilst also whooshing through new books. Balance.

Funny thing, balance. I’ve always thought of myself as having absolutely brilliant balance but appalling coordination. Amazing how it still seems to work out in the end. I think I can say ‘end’, as every ending is a new beginning, right?


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