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That Pivotal Moment

I’ve had yet ANOTHER pivotal moment in my life. If they weren’t so great I’d be worried about pivoting this way and that every other day. Luckily I do enjoy them. So here goes.

After playing with makeup a bit tonight and then taking it off I realised that even though I thoroughly enjoy doing it, I feel my prettiest without any makeup. I think it’s because I feel comfortable and free, thus making me feel relaxed and happy in my own skin.

So now I’m pondering about makeup’s place in my life. I think often it acts as an armour against the world. My shield. Protective bubble to only let out what I’m alright with everyone seeing. Not just bare physical features of my face, but being careful about what I share about myself as well.

Plus I just really like to play with makeup. Trying out all the beautiful colours and funky products. Seeing what I can do with it. Like today I managed to hide the bump on my nose from when I broke it years ago. It’s nothing that I’d do every day (or possibly ever again), but it’s neat to know that it can be done.

Now, I’m actually really curious about what does makeup mean to you? Is it something you put on every day out of habit, is it for that extra oompfh of confidence or do you just like how it sparkles?


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