Chapter 5 – The Unknown


Slowly, Alice became aware of herself being awake. She supposed she should’ve been feeling fear. Pain. Terror. Whispers. Shadows. Anything. But she was just aware. Numb. She couldn’t tell whether it was the complete lack of light or if she’d lost her sight, but the darkness was so complete – nothing like Alice had ever experienced. Not that it mattered. Simply aware. Feeling nothing, thinking nothing, sensing nothing. Existing in the shell of the human she once was.

Slipping away. Alice felt herself sliding into the unknown. Beyond caring to a point that made her mildly wonder if it was possible she was going to fall apart into nothingness. Only for a fleeting moment that thought flew by her before she fell back into the agony of complete emptiness.

Alice didn’t know – or care – how much time had passed when a voice from the darkness behind her whispered ‘Are you afraid?’ She didn’t reply. What was there to be afraid of from a voice in the dark? Death would be a bliss she’s been yearning for as long as she could remember. Physical pain would only draw her attention away from the torments of her own thoughts. She had nothing she cared about. No-one that cared about her. No dreams or desires.

Suddenly she found some comfort in that.

She was invincible.

The only one she was afraid of was safely tucked away in her mind.


It’s been a while since I last checked in on Alice. It’s a weird one, because I do need to be in a bit of a dark place myself when I visit her. Maybe with my own darkness dissipating Alice will soon find some closure as well. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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