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2018 – Progress update

Hellooooo! I decided to walk a short way back the memory lane today. Don’t you sometimes feel like you simply need to remind yourself of something and then realise you wrote that something down so you can actually go and refresh your memory? (That made sense in my head, I promise.) I’m not sure if you remember, but in the beginning of this year I made the obligatory Goals for 2018 post. As we’re nearing the end of the year now, I decided it’d be the perfect time to see what I actually promised myself. Plus as there’s still over a month left until the end of the year, I’ve actually got some time to fulfill the promises I haven’t yet managed to keep. That’s the plan anyway. So, here’s my original post from January, let’s see how I’ve done.


Have a massive clear-out. It’s something that I actually started last year when I went through my clothes and got rid of about 3/4 of what I owned as I hadn’t worn most of them in a very long time. I want to take it a step further this year. I want to take a few days – a long weekend or so – and go through EVERYTHING. Donate what I can and recycle the rest. Clear space – clear mind. I think that works.

Hmm. I’ve had some clear-outs. But not a massive one. I’m off work next weekend. Do you reckon it’s something I should plan for then? I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and get it done. (Insert a lot of anxious ‘what have I gotten myself into now?!’ arguments with myself here. Don’t worry though, this is actually something sensible to do, so I’m hoping my brain will catch up.)

Read 40 books. Last year my goal was to read 30 books but I actually managed to get through 45! I’m guessing you’re going to be asking why I’m not setting my goal this year higher then? Well, because last year I was working through some things that gave me a lot of time to just get lost in books and read away. This year is going to be a bit different so I’m happy if I’ll manage 40.

I’m currently on 26/40 books. Still doable, right? I just have to finish all the books that I’ve started. And then read a few more. And maybe stop re-reading Brandon Sanderson’s books over and over again. Totally achievable.

Become a yoga pro. Alright, that’s not actually my goal but I do want to get back to doing regular yoga practices. I really love it and it’s just so good for me. So why the heck am I not already on it? Slacker…

Well, I did in fact go to an actual yoga class this year. Does that a pro make yet? Didn’t think so. Room for improvement then! But hey, nobody was born perfect and it’s all work in progress.

All in all, I think it could be worse. Yes, I decide to be happy about and proud of what I have done instead of moping about what I’ve yet got to do. I mean, I can’t beat myself up about the future, can I? Well, I’m sure I could, but at the moment I simply don’t think it worth my time and effort.

I also made another post in February with some more goals, but they weren’t quite so ‘specific and measurable’, they were more… ongoing health goals. And, somewhat surprisingly, I think I’ve actually done pretty well with them. For that, I reckon they deserve a post of their own.

How are you doing with your goals for this year (or week/month/life), if you’ve set yourself any? And more importantly, what are they? I’m still nosey as anything so I want to know it all!

See you soon!


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