My life

No sleep for the achy

Hi everyone. As it’s the middle of the night, please assume that this post is written in a whisper. And that’s also how it should be read.

Like I already said, it’s the middle of the night – 2am – and I can’t sleep. Partly because my knee is killing me, partly because the voices in my head won’t stop squabbling over my tomorrow’s to do list, partly because I had a nap earlier today when I got home from work.

I do love naps.

That’s basically it though. I got up to stop myself from getting annoyed with me because I couldn’t get to sleep and for some weird reason thought I’ve got soooooo much to say to you. I obviously don’t.

I’ll uh… I’ll go work on my to do list instead.

Go back to sleep.

Good night.

Here’s a killer twist – everything you just read was actually written on 1st of October. I didn’t publish it then but as I’m yet again struggling to get to sleep (my head is full of allergies/cold/whatever), I decided it’s finally time to throw it out in the world. And perhaps out of my mind. Along with all the crazy sniffles.


I’ll try do that sleep thing again. Maybe it’ll work this time.


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