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Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday so I thought it’s the perfect time to share with you another book that I’ve recently read. Mind you, I use the term ‘recently’ rather freely here, I actually finished this one in April, but I can’t just skip over it. Here goes…

Home by Amanda Berriman

Blurb: Jesika is four and a half.

She lives in a flat with her mother and baby brother and she knows a lot. She knows their flat is high up and the stairs are smelly. She knows she shouldn’t draw on the peeling wallpaper or touch the broken window. And she knows she loves her mummy and baby brother Toby.

She does not know that their landlord is threatening to evict them and that Toby’s cough is going to get much worse. Or that Paige, her new best friend, has a secret that will explode their world.

My thoughts: Scarily realistic, this book looks at the world through the eyes of 4-year-old Jesika who lives with her little brother Toby and their mum Tina. Tina is trying her best, as a single mother of two with increasingly deteriorating health, to keep their world together. It’s a daily struggle as it is, but it’s made a lot worse by circumstances that Jesika is pulled into but doesn’t quite understand in her innocence.

As an adult reading this, the realism in it made me hurt and cry and childishly wish that the world was a better place. Even though it’s a difficult book to recommend, given its controversial topics, I can’t give it anything less than five stars.

Genres: General fiction (adult) 

My thanks go to NetGalley and the publishers Random House UK, Transworld Publishers and Doubleday for giving me this book to read in exchange for an honest review.

This was a tough book to read and not because it’s written from a young child’s point of view. (Surprisingly that was actually really well done.) It’s more the fact that the painful topics this book is built on are very real and … You know what, I’ll just leave it here. 

Or maybe, just one more little thing – you don’t know what may be going on in someone’s life, so hold the judgement. Be kind. 

That got a bit deeper than I intended, but I stick by it. I’ll wrap it up now before I turn into a blubbering mess again thinking about this book.

See you soon!


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