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30 Days of Decluttering

15th October

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well, wherever it is you are. I have recently found myself to be living in a bit of a clutter. Which is not good. Feeling trapped and anxiety and blah-blah-blah. So, once again I have decided to do a bit of decluttering. I have successfully managed to do it just once and just my wardrobe. Although it’s not for the lack of trying that I’ve not managed to do the rest of the house. It’s more that I get really distracted by all the stuff I find that I had completely forgotten about. So I end up just reorganising my clutter really.

Not anymore! (Or you know, we’ll see in 30 days how well I’ve done. You may find me sobbing in the middle of the biggest mess of things I’m unwilling to give up.)

I’m going to complete the 30 Days of Decluttering challenge. Every day I’ll post my update on how it’s going until we should end up with 30 sparkling entries full of happiness and positivity. Eh, too much? Alright then, I’ll settle for less than 5 meltdowns mixed in with actual successes. That’s more realistic, I think.

The idea behind this challenge is to have a fixed list of small steps to follow. That’s how I usually work the best anyway. One step at a time so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I do tend to get overwhelmed and annoyed quite easily. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned for my daily reports.

Day 1 – Fridge & freezer

That was actually an easy one as our fridge is pretty much empty at the moment. Hey, I just found an upside to having an empty fridge! Woohoo! Ahem. The freezer was a bit more difficult. Somehow I ended up with a lot of frozen peas running away from me all over the kitchen floor and a sink full of ice. But hey, day one was a success!

Day 2 – Pantry Cupboard under the stairs

Day two was supposed to be pantry day but as we don’t have one, I decided to do the cupboard under the stairs instead. Which I ended up not doing because I was tired. So…

Attempt number 2!

Day 3 – Kitchen cupboards & drawers

It’s actually day 4 now. And I’ve still not done days 2 or 3. I’m becoming a master at feeling bad about not doing it but also not letting myself get too down about it. I do wonder what that says about me. Probably that I’m always starting things and hardly ever finishing them? That much is obvious. I wonder if there’s a deeper secret hidden there somewhere…

Later that day…

I have completed my day 2! I have just decluttered the cupboard under the stairs. So proud. Should I tackle the kitchen stuff now? Oh dear, it’s getting scary again. But this will get very confusing if I end up playing catch up for the next 26 days. I guess I should go and do the cupboards. (Insert an inner monologue of me arguing with myself for an hour or so. Who knows what the outcome of that will be?)

Later that month…

Uh, so that didn’t go exactly to plan. I got really good at not feeling guilty about not getting past decluttering my kitchen cupboards but that’s about it.

I think I need to shut this attempt down here. I mean, I did get our fridge, freezer and cupboard under the stairs all nice and tidy. That’s more than I started off with.

I’ll take that small victory and call it a day for now.

One day soon I’ll probably give it another go. Once I’ve finished another project that has been keeping me busy. I will be dedicating a whole post to that so I won’t tell you more about it now.

See you soon!


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