My life


You know that thing when you’re lying in bed at night and get attacked by all the Best Ideas Ever, but then when you wake up they’ve all taken a hiatus and gone off somewhere you can’t reach them? I’m pretty sure that’s just happened to me. I mean, it’s a regular occurrence but I feel like this time it was something really awesome. And yet all I can think is banananananana. 

Maybe it’s because I’m ill (which I find so irritably pointless by the way), or maybe it’s because … No, it must be the illness thing and the accompanying mental madness mind minute. Which basically means that my brain is currently mush. Icky snot filled mush. Blergh. Sounds disgusting but my does it feel even worse.

Basically this is me moaning and complaining. Yet again. What else is new? Oh, what’s new is that I’m about to find a positive in all this.

Right, the upside of all this is that I’m going to be better soon! Aaaaand I feel less guilty about not having the energy for stuff.

Oh, let’s get a bit more personal for a second here – this week I found out that my depression and anxiety are the lowest they’ve ever been in my recorded history! How cool is that? Really cool. The best. I actually do feel it as well. I’m feeling a lot more, well, me.

Anyway, that’s my news this week. I’ll go spend some time with my mushy brain now. Mushmushmushmushroom. What a weird word ‘mushroom’ is. 

Please feel free to delete this post from your memory if you so wish. 

See you soon (hopefully with a more cooperative brain)!


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