My life

I can still see III

Hi everyone and welcome to the final part of my laser eye surgery story. I never thought it would turn into a three part series but here we are.


I felt so proud of myself for having gone through it. I mean, I’d been considering it, dreaming about it for years and now it was done.

My husband was waiting just outside the OR so he was my seeing eye person as well now in addition to being my everything else.

I was immediately given the OK to go home and they sent me off with a big bag of all the different eye drops in the world and aftercare advice a mile long.

The numbing eye drops started to wear off soon after we left the clinic. My eyes felt like they were full of especially coarse sand. Ouch. The pain was bad. Eyes streaming like I was watching P.S I love you again. However, as with all painful experiences I can’t actually remember much of it anymore.

When we got home my husband was in charge of all my eye drops and my protective eye shields. It was very nice to have someone remind me to take my drops and to tell me in which order I needed to do them in and to tape my eye shields on for me. That was pretty much the first 5 minutes of us being home after which I went to sleep.

And I slept.

When I woke up the pain was pretty much gone and I could see. I could see all the details I’d missed before even with glasses. The world was a whole new experience for me.

I had my first aftercare appointment the next morning. My vision was already brilliant and I was told it would continue to actually improve for a while. I was in awe.

A week later I had my second aftercare appointment where one of my eyes was declared to sport the perfect 20:20 vision and the other one was even better! I continued with my drops and appointments – in fact I still take my eye drops as needed and am due my final appointment in a couple of months.

I did have some annoying glare and halo effects for the first couple of weeks after the procedure which made night time driving impossible for me, but that improved to a point where I’m not bothered by it anymore. I was also told my eyes are a bit dry, so that’s why I’m keeping going with the drops. Other than that it’s all perfect.

I can see!

So, what can I say in conclusion… for me it was absolutely a risk worth taking. I’m so happy with my decision to go ahead with it. I did my research (although I had my husband go through the more gruesome parts for me) and yeah…


I have no idea how to end this post. Sooo… moomins.

Love moomins. They’re great. I’ll uh, go now…

See you soon!


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