Beauty Boxes

September Glossybox

Food, wonderful foooood! Food, glorious fooOOood! Yup, you guessed it – this year’s September Glossybox is food themed. Brilliant edibles themed beauty and more. Let’s dig in!

Glossybox September 2019

Palmer’s, Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack (60g, £2.49)

Absolutely love Palmer’s. Including this beauty. Will buy again.

Carex, Hand Gel in ‘Love Hearts’ (50ml, £1.55)

Dries very quickly. Doesn’t leave residue. Smells really nice.

Mitchell and Peach, Flora No. 1 Fine Edition Eau de Parfum (15ml, £29.75)

Very generous size. Hand-blended in England. Warm floral scent.

Mayy, Banana Setting Powder (4.5g, £15)

Beautiful sleek packaging. Set my concealer. Lovely matte finish.

Delhicious Body, Original Black Tea Body Scrub (100g, £7.95)

Smells like tea! I want more.

Godiva, Masterpieces Caramel Lion with Belgian Milk Chocolate (32g)

A little treat. Lovely gooey caramel. Not too chocolatey*.

Colgate Max White, Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste (75ml, £4)

The perfect finale. Fresh minty flavour. Cool black colour.

What a brilliantly put together box. Ranging from sweet treats to minty fresh breath. I understand every thought that went behind each item and how they relate to the edibles theme. I think they absolutely nailed it.

*I don’t actually eat chocolate as it makes me feel nauseous (although I’m a lot more tolerant of it now than I was a couple of years ago), but I can have a bit every now and then as long as I’ve got access to a big drink of water to wash it down. Thanks to the caramel filling I’d say this one was actually as nice as chocolate gets for me which is what i meant by ‘not too chocolatey’.

Definitely looking forward to next month’s box now with the sneak peek revealing it will contain a 9 pan eyeshadow palette from STYLondon! Eeeek! Exciting!


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