Or, you know, overnight oats! Also known as the most amazing thing ever right now! I can’t stop shouting!

I know I’m a bit late to this party, but hey, better late than never, eh? Especially when it comes to ooooots, apparently. Because oh my wow, our household is impressed!

I obviously knew about ooooots, but I’d never made them before. For some reason I just didn’t see the appeal. However, a few days ago I thought I’d give them a go.

Wait, no, actually I thought I’d give chia pudding a go, because I’ve got a massive pack of chia seeds that needs using up and I’d always fancied trying them in pudding form. I made it and it was nice enough but it was a bit like what I imagine eating frog spawn would feel like. So that’s when I ventured into the oooot area.

I’ve made them every night for nearly a week now and I can’t believe how many varieties there are! I mean, the opportunities are pretty much literally endless. So far I’ve made them in peanut butter, white chocolate, pumpkin aaand… I feel like there’s been another flavour, but I can’t remember it. And tonight I made a patch of tropical fruit one.

So easy to make, nutritious (most of the time anyway as I use honey to sweeten it and otherwise unsweetened components [except for the white chocolate chips… but you have to be able to have fun with it, otherwise what’s the point?]), delicious (not had a bad outcome yet!) and so convenient to grab in the morning (even my SO has been converted to have breakfast before work now).

I also need to give credit where it’s due and here’s the website I used for my ooooot recipes/ideas

I’ll go continue searching Pinterest for more oooot ideas now!

Also, the cover picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but my ooots haven’t turned out too photogenic yet, and I didn’t want to put a picture of… well, a blob of soggy oats on this post. Because even though I know that they taste a million times better than they look, I wouldn’t feel like I’d be doing them a justice.

Till next time,


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