My life

I nearly failed!

I made myself a promise not to buy any new clothes in September (partially because save the planet and partially because I don’t really need any new clothes at the moment) and I did brilliantly, so I thought I’d continue in October. All was well, I was happy doing just window shopping and proud to be able to resist the ‘pull of the new’, until one day I went to our local bargain store B&M. That’s when it all nearly went pear-shaped. I’ll show you why.

All thoughts about my promises to myself went out the window (in fact, they didn’t even enter my mind in the first place, after seeing all that) and I spent a good while there touching all the fluffy socks and gaping wide-eyed at the variety of festive garments they had, not knowing what to take home with me then and what to come back for later.

I was so proud that I finally made a decision and took this happy picture to send to my husband. Which is when he asked if I wasn’t supposed to not buy any new clothing items this month? And don’t elf slippers count as clothing? I’m not going to lie, that was one heartbreaking moment. I trudged back to the clothing aisle and put them back on the shelf.

But hey, it was actually still a proud moment for me, as not only had I made a decision, I also managed to stay true to my promise and I WILL go back for them come November.

So yes, that’s my little adventure of discovering I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be. If you got anything else from it, you read it wrong.

Till next time,


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