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Snow, or the lack thereof

I love snow. And I really miss it. Especially around this time of year. Everything is gloomy, the beautiful autumn colours are turning muddy and there’s nothing to brighten it all up. That’s where snow would usually come to play. Fall down in sweet soft flakes, cover everything with a glistening diamond blanket.

Not in recent years though. I’m not going to do any thorough research on climate change here, because by this point I’m boldly going to go ahead and assume we’re all aware of the environment, our impact on it and how it affects the world we live in. Instead I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m also aware that weather patterns have always gone through cycles (even without devastating human actions or non actions) and I was lucky to grow up with four proper seasons every year.

I guess spring, summer and autumn haven’t changed that much, but winters sure have. They used to be quite long (at least five months or so), cold (school’s not cancelled unless it’s -24 degrees Celsius or lower, you say?) and snowy (cross country skiing was always part of our winter PE). And sure enough, I probably am remembering it all through pink nostalgia glasses, but I even miss having little icicles on my eyelashes from when I went outside in some of the colder days.

I guess that’s enough of me pining for a proper winter and snow again. I just needed to get it off my chest.

(I know I didn’t even touch on driving in winter snow and ice, but that could be a whole post on its own, so maybe another time when I feel like reminiscing a bit more.)

Till next time,


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