My life

At peace with everything

I’m happy. It’s been sunny, but frosty and bitterly cold (not cold enough to wear a coat yet [I think around -1 Celsius is the lowest it’s been] but I have been wearing my scarf and hat!) so I’ve been for a walk every day and it’s given me such contentment.

Feeling my cheeks and nose get all cold and seeing my breath come out in puffs of mist is so uplifting. I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to argue with it. It feels great and that’s what matters.

Oh, we’ve put our festive decorations up as well! And a few days ago I brought home Norman the Nordman Fir (may be a good place to explain that pretty much all the plants in our house have names. And I don’t mean the scientific kind).

Anyway, he’s got the softest needles and he’s just so darn cute! Short and fluffy. Plus, he’s the potted kind so I’ll take him outside come spring so he can see the world a bit and then bring him in again next winter.

Currently one of my favourite spots is next to Norman, sat on the floor and doing my jigsaws. Can’t get much better than that, I think.


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