My life

Let it go!

You know when you’re in 7th grade and have a crush on a ‘cool guy’ and one day he suddenly asks you a question and despite having imagined all the clever and witty conversations you could be having with him all you can produce instead in that moment is pure stupidity? And how it still haunts you 15 years later when you least expect it? Like ‘Oh, haha, do you remember the extremely embarrassing and stupid thing you said that day over a decade ago?’ And how it still makes you wish for the ground to just swallow you up so you could disappear?

That was just one example of very many that I’ve collected over the years. And boy do I wish I could just let it gooooo! I mean, it really doesn’t bother me like it did then of course. Well, the old stuff doesn’t anyway.

But what if you’re at work and after 8 hours you can’t even do simple maths and somehow ended up thinking that six 5L tins of paint make 15 litres? And moreover with very little effort managed to convince a very nice lady into thinking the same so she bought them all? I mean, it’s basic maths but you just can’t do it when all your brain power goes on putting one foot in front of the other and not falling over in the process (although by the end of the day I couldn’t even manage that anymore and kept walking into things).

It all ended well though as she ended up coming back a few minutes later saying that she realised she’d bought too much. But there I was, left agonising over yet another stupid mistake I’d made. Not able to let it go.

Brain, or the lack thereof, sucks.


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