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12/01/2020 – Travel day

I’m back. Kind of. Absolutely shattered and knackered, can barely keep my eyes open. But I’m here. Home. Behind my computer. Ready to write about my travels. And the lot.

Our day started off quite relaxed, just needed to water the plants, tend to our critters, pack, do my nails and shower before leaving for the airport at 12.30. Did I say relaxed? Hmm, I may be remembering this a bit differently to how it actually played out.

In any case, at 12.30 we set off for the airport and made quite good time, getting there around 1pm. We parked at our usual spot and continued on to tackle the security check next.

To our immense surprise there were absolutely no queues, instead we were greeted by jolly security staff saying they’ve been waiting for us all day! To which I replied we got there as fast as we could. After depositing all of our luggage and stuff on the trays to go through the scanners, we were asked to remove our boots. I did so happily, as that meant I could show off my bright blue socks with the slogan ‘Stay weird!’ on them, which I proudly pointed out to the security dude, to which he replied ‘Always!’. Then I had to step into the full body scanner and was informed that luckily it’s not a No Socks Sunday and I could keep mine on phew!

Overall it made for one of the best security check experiences I’ve had. Thank you, Manchester airport T1 security check B staff!

Then we continued on to do some tax free window shopping and grabbed a pizza which we pretty much inhaled – it was so good! Freshly made with a nice thing dough and lots of flavour. Would recommend.

Boarding went smoothly and we didn’t have anyone else sitting next to us on the plane (always a yay!). The only hiccup was when we landed in Budapest and the stairs to the plane broke down. Which meant we had to wait around 15-20 minutes for them to bring replacement steps, after which we got off the plane, went through the passport check and continued on to figure out how we’d get to our hotel.

We had basically decided to wing it. And it turned out surprisingly well. I mean, I’m not usually one to leave anything for chance, instead preparing for every step of the way. So it was a bit of a change. It helped that I wasn’t travelling alone and had my husband with me. In any case, straight away we found a ticket machine to buy our bus tickets and luckily enough the bus was already waiting for us.

After about a 30 minute drive we got off the bus pretty much at the center of Budapest, a 15 minute walk from our hotel. I couldn’t stop staring at all the beautiful buildings and statues, most of which were perfectly lit to show off their grandeur. At around 10pm local time we got to our hotel, were greeted by a very friendly receptionist and went to our room. Where we decided we were hungry.

With a bit of help from Google Maps we found a little corner shop where we got some fruit, pastries, water and… uh, a jar of peas.

We returned to our hotel, had some of the food we’d bought and went to sleep, absolutely exhausted.


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